Sony Buying Google Ads for PSN Down Time Notification?

vGamers writes: Is Sony spending advertising dollars to update the masses on the PSN outage?

It is apparent that Sony could be buying these adverts to possibly bring back a few customers and show that PSN will be returning very shortly.

Is the PS Network return imminent?

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vgamersHD3022d ago

not long now hopefully!

2v13021d ago

belived when i see it

3021d ago
Zydake3021d ago

Probably there also buying these advertisement things to also keep em to say PSN is down and to change them later to say PSN is back up since google is everywhere

r1sh123021d ago

yea...seems more like a way to avoid anymore publicity on the fact that PSN is down.
If they gave daily updates on progress it mighty ease some customers minds.

leogets3021d ago

a part of me thinks the time this is sorted out to buy adds from google is that that psn up time isnt infact due anytime soon.otherwise whatll be the point in paying out all that money if its due up in the next few hrs to a day. either that or this article is just pure bullshit.which i beleive to be the case right here.

Raven_Nomad3021d ago

Expect a lot of talk on the "New PSN" this E3. I wouldn't be too hopeful to expect it back before then.

vgamersHD3021d ago

they will probably bring back matchmaking and other services before e3 and then release new features possibly at e3.

3021d ago
just_sayin3021d ago

E3 still 3 weeks away that is just to long of a wait.

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