Epic: We're not trying to be no. 1 on Xbox Live

Epic's Rod Fergusson says that Gears of War 3 isn't meant to be the no. 1 played game on Xbox Live, it's just meant to offer a "sustained experience that our community and our audience loves to play"

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evrfighter3022d ago

so bold. Basically saying they aren't even trying to earn your money because you'll just give it to them anyway


Silly gameAr3022d ago

Pretty much. Gears is the main reason I have a 360. I'm a Gears fanboy. Can't help myself.

BeastlyRig3022d ago

I think that means they don't want to be call of duty!

Vegas3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Honestly, how did you interpret Epic's comment that way?

They're saying they want to make GoW 3 for people that like Gears; they are making the game for their fans instead of all the casual chavs. Epic doesn't want their game to be indistinguishable from the muck plaguing the FPS genre today.

They are going for a unique game, unlike most online shooters.

Rearden3022d ago

I think it's almost impossible these days to knock Call of Duty off the top spot, unless your game has "Halo" in the title.

awiseman3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

You make that sound like thats a bad thing...

But Actually...

Halo:Reach even though it is a vastly superior game, still couldn't keep the #1 spot from COD on Xbox live. Currently the 2 top spots are held by Broken Ops and mw2 respectively. Sad I know.

2fk3022d ago

nah ima be optimistic say BF3 will be #1 =)

2fk3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

guess not many people would like BF3 over MW3...o well their loss

telekineticmantis3022d ago

didn't you just say a few weeks ago, you wanted to take on call of duty? What changed

lazertroy3022d ago

Weird Could we see Cliffy B Walk across the Sony stage at E3???

EYEamNUMBER13022d ago

um huh? where in that article did you even get that from...

Stryfeno23022d ago

Is Bulletstorm getting a sequel?

cstyle3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

@lazertroy...Dont count on it... Gears wont leave the 360 for sure now with the troubles sony is having with PSN. Plus cliffy was already involved with the development of bulletstorm for ps3 and 360.

-IronMan-3022d ago

Mass Effect says Hello there. 360 only got gears and halo LMAO.

PS3 got so many great exclusives.

Lich1203022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

To be perfectly honest, am I the only one that thinks PC is kinda where its at these days? I've barely touched my 360 and PS3 in the last year or so. Steam has gotten more and more fantastic and between that and Blizz (since Im a huge SC2 fan) I spent most my time on my PC. Not to mention, this late in the console cycle the graphics all just seem so watered down. Theres only so much devs can do with 512 megs of RAM.

Im pretty sure the next PS3 game Im getting is Uncharted 3, and thats a good ways off. However, to each their own on what they enjoy, and yes graphics aren't everything but Im kinda just curious if anyone else has been finding themselves playing PC more heavily than console as I have.

Edit: Also the only thing Ive been using the 360 for is the Gears beta, thats why Im here... Im not trolling if thats what it looks like.

newhumanbreed3022d ago


You mean Mass Effect 2. The first one is still only on Xbox 360, console wise.

Arnon3022d ago

PC IS where it's at. Not to mention in a few years all of these titles these kids keep gloating about will be available through emulators, which to be honest, is just sad.

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