Japan Gets Two Price Cuts, New Value Bundle

"Microsoft Japan just shot us an press release announcing that the Xbox 360 would be getting a price cut. Starting November 1st, the 20GB bundle, which originally listed at ¥39,795 (US $346), will retail for ¥34,800 ($302). Likewise, the ¥29,800 ($259) Core System will sell for ¥27,800 ($241). A new, limited-edition 20GB "Value Pack" with Forza Motorsport 2 and Viva Piñata will also go on sale. It will retail for ¥34,800 and not include an HDMI cable. Not a bad deal if you don't own an Xbox 360. Hey Japan, you listening?" - Kotaku

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ktchong4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

The Japanese bundle seems better than the one in America.


Wow sales of the 360 are now going to go through the roof!! Sony is finished in Japan NOT!!!!!!
LOL MS can do anything but it wont change the fact that the Japanese HATE the 360, please MS stop wasting your time your finished in Japan just go back home and make everyone happy.

Snukadaman4108d ago

weeee wonder when that comes too the states /sarcasm....cmon microsoft...stop being cheap and make it 100 bucks.

Bathyj4108d ago

Sony acts, M$ reacts. How many times have I said that lately?

Still, I admire M$'s moxy, but I guess when you've got money to burn who cares.

TheMART4108d ago

Yeah but you say it for the wrong reasons.

MS is in a position not to have to make a move in price drop first (at least world wide seen, Japan is another story, but there the Wii is king).

Sony NEEDS to drop its price because the PS3 is selling much less then the 360 world wide. So after a PS3 pricedrop, ofcourse MS will reprice the 360 also.

We'll see a 279 or 289 Euro/Dollar 360 Premium soonish, before Christmas.

But its actually a weakness of Sony, to have to cut the price with 200 Dollar in a year (USA) and even 200 Euro within a HALF YEAR in Europe. That ain't a strenght at all. Didn't they say the PS3 was worth it to pay 600 Euro/Dollar for even without any games?

They came back on that theory, didn't they?

nanometric4108d ago

It STILL IS worth getting for 600$/Eu, but it's nicer if you can get it for 100-200$/EU less, dum dum!

Bathyj4108d ago

Mart, you act like Sony never intended to make a price drop when if fact they always intended it. Why do you think they try to cut costs? Cos you only thing stopping everyone getting a PS3 (including you) is the price. When Sony have sold 50 million consoles in the next few years whether the price drop was a move of weakness isnt going to matter. Its a moot point. Thats the sort of leverage you have when you games company actually makes money.

djevolve4108d ago

they have to drop before christmas or they won't keep up they now this, I think it to be necessary


If MS keep dropping there price just to "keep up" they will be making too much loss. Remember business is about making money not the other way around. Have MS made a profit in there gaming devision since xbox1? If they keep doing this I highly doubt there will be an Xbox 720. They have lost billions.

mesh14108d ago

NOT THE CONSOLE BUSINESS RETARD u have ti make a loss in the console buiness then later u mak eur profit and remember microsoft is the richest company in the wolrd ponder about that .

Bad_Karma4107d ago

..BUT far from the richest in the world . A quick search on google should put you straight on the subject . Banking , Oil & Gas companies ...way richer.

Synex4107d ago

Haha Mesh "Microsoft is the richest company in the world" come on now, you're obviously very young so I'm not going to be brutal. Anyways the situation Sony had is now the one Microsoft has, which is no games. I know there's Halo 3, Mass Effect, and Too Human?, but what does the average (Largest Market) consumer think of when he hears Xbox 360? I'll tell you; Halo. Now, the sad part is most of the people that do not own a 360 don't know about Mass Effect or Too Human, so in turn they won't be buying a 360 for those titles. Now for my conclusion; Halo hit big and sold well, but it won't be selling consoles for more than the next 3-4 months (I'm being very lenient), and if Halo no longer pushes consoles and Mass Effect and Too Human are unheard of amongst the average consumer then what will happen to the 360? The only thing I can think of that has a name outside of the 360 community is Gears of War, but it won't sell too many 360s since it only sold so well because the 360 had nothing else to offer at the time until this last September when Halo 3 came out, which is a shame since Bioshock looked like a much better game.

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