IGN - How Many Gamers Want to Buy Wii 2?

IGN - According to a national survey of gamers, 27 percent plan on purchasing the Wii 2 (aka Stream or Project Cafe) based on the information currently available, while 28 percent said they would not buy and 45 percent were undecided. The purchase intent for women was 8 percent higher than it was for men.

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jay23026d ago

If we get hardcore games like we're getting on 3ds like Resident Evil, and it's more powerful than ps3/360 yeah.

Yi-Long3026d ago

... if they can now finally offer proper 3rd party support, if they can offer HD gaming, if they can offer a proper online experience, if they can offer a decent controller, and if they can offer a nice bundle when the system is released....

... then yeah, ofcourse I'll be interested. I'm very interested in what they'll be announcing this E3.

If they announce Shenmue 3, it will be instant-win I believe.

zootang3026d ago

I'm not falling for it twice. They had my money for he Wii and that's me.

kikizoo3026d ago

Exactly zootang, but the problem exist since n64, some good games at start, 3,4...than nothing, gamecube was a big deception too.

the problem with nintendo, regardless of the inferior technology (against competition), it's the small interesting library, each or two mario, one zelda, and...nothing (or close)..metacritics stats are not lying.

ZombieAssassin3026d ago

I'm thinking about it, but I will wait till E3 next year to see if MS or Sony announce a new console. It'll also depend on the games, if they finally give us a more mature Zelda game i'd buy one just for that.

MasterCornholio3026d ago

I am going to wait as well. Nintendo has been pretty conservative with the tech in its consoles lately. I am expecting them to release a console that will be slightly better than current gen systems. I am expect Microsoft and Sony to release consoles that will be pricey but a lot more powerful than the Wii 2. That is why at the moment i dont want to get a Wii 2 because something better may come along a year later.

DrFUD3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Microsoft gave Nintendo a free pass in the media with the Wii because they didn't view the Wii as competition.
Now with Nintendo entering the HD arena and becoming a threat to steal Microsoft's current customers.
Keep an eye out for the usual Microsoft tactics used through the media.
In other words, can you spell "SMEAR"

N4g_null3026d ago

Smearing isn't going to matter every one knows nintendo just makes better games now they will be even better looking than the xbox. You can smear all you want to that did not help with Mario kart it still sold 20 million. It's about time for Part two of every thing that rocked on the wii and the gc.

Cool thing is shovelware cost more to make now lol.

Shok3026d ago

I think most non-Nintendo fans are waiting for specific details to be revealed.

Seeing as I'm a Nintendo fan, I wanted it the day it was announced, since I want Nintendo games.

ChickeyCantor3025d ago

Can you say...F-zero?
( fdisajdflajdf;saas I NEEDS IT NOA )

NellyNel_7_1_33026d ago

i am buying it! I have the wii, 3ds, ps3, xbox 360, and soon to have the NGP/PSP 2 and the (next year) wii 2/ stream or feel..

I never have time to play any of them due to work or school..

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The story is too old to be commented.