IGN - Road to E3: Ghost Recon Future Soldier

IGN - Last time we saw Ghost Recon Future Soldier was at E3 2010. It was in pretty rough shape, but the core mechanics were there. It's a third-person tactical shooter, but a departure from the squad-command heavy gameplay of the previous Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter games. This time around you play a number of different roles like sniper and rifleman, but you don't really issue commands. Instead your squad is mostly autonomous, hopefully allowing you to focus more on shooting the bad guys in front of you.

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SpaceSquirrel3024d ago

I hope the delay will help it

Tony-Red-Grave3024d ago

same though im tired of having people say the game is fake without really doin their research on the tech being used :/ still i see it as a day one for me

Blaze9293024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Ever since that E3 2010 demo, I had a bad feeling about this game - especially coming after the greatness that was GRAW2. I have a feeling, knowing Ubisoft, they are trying to "Call of Dutyize" this franchise.

I hope I'm wrong. That demo last didn't look remotely fun though in my opinion. I'd rather they just release GRAW 3:

And a new Rainbow Six anytime soon would be nice...on a platform where most of it's fanbase is on. Freakin iPod, should smack the hell out of them for that release.

Reborn3024d ago

Hopefully some more E3 stuff shows. Would be nice to see how it its progressing.