Japanese overview trailer released for L.A. Noire

A new overview trailer has been released for the Japanese version of the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 title from Rockstar Games, L.A. Noire.

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Hitman07693024d ago

This will be a great game! Now that Starhawk is announced though I care WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY less.

Vojkan3024d ago

What a mo..nic comment! So you are going to wait for 2012 and when ever Starhawk gets released? Grow up. No wonder you have one bubble

Best3023d ago

Why don't they work on GTA V instead of this game since they practically look like the same game?

clarkjudo3024d ago

Funny thought. If your reading in your ethnic language other than English. To English speaking characters being heard. Then how are suppose to read faces and read dialog at the same time? Case solved, they are planning on doing another version in Japanese shortly after release. :)

madpuppy3023d ago

I was thinking just that, the whole games relies on you being able to interpret facial expressions and voice inflection,
how are you going to do that while you are reading subtitles?

clarkjudo3022d ago

Well, I know one way is to set your settings of your counsel to your ethnic language. I own a 360, and it works. Both subtitles and voice can be changed. :)