Worldwide Weekly Chart < Week Ending 07th May 2011 >

The week's top-selling games ranked by unit sales

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Seijoru3023d ago

Ps3 console sales still on top week after week.

k-dillinger3023d ago

no regardless its fake numbers

2v13023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

im ps3 fan boy i just dont trust +
interesting they got Worldwide Hardware #s
360 53,657,005
ps3 50,253,597
no bad considering 1 year ahead
rrod fiasco
ms couple mill console bans who know the real numbers
by now!
i probably would subtracted 5mill from the 360 nubmers eazy.

Bigpappy3022d ago

If you go by that kind of thinking, then you are left with the task of trying to explain why most of the big selling game do better on the 360.

YodaCracker3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

If the PS3 keeps outselling the 360 at this rate, it could pass it in total worldwide sales as soon as Summer 2015!