Favorite Soul Calibur Character?

Who will Namco retire in Soul Calibur V? What new children of characters will we meet? A better question is who is your favorite Soul Calibur character?

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ShyGuy133026d ago

"Ivy cus of boobs."

LiamIRL823026d ago

Tira. A really fun character to play as

FlintGREY3026d ago

YES!!! Tira is a beast. A very underrated character

Masta_Killa3026d ago

Shiki soku ze kuu!

capjacksparrow3026d ago

Nightmare in Soul Calibur II.

BlitzAK3025d ago

agreed, slightly odd conversion of moves of him to Siegfried on SC3 but Siegfried is mine.

capjacksparrow3025d ago

Haha yeah, I like Sigfried, but the moveset of Nightmare in SC II was unparalleled. They ruined him in following games. He's just not as fun to play in my opnion. I like Maxi too. My friends were so pissed when they saw that I could do Ivy's Summon Suffering in SC II on the drop of a dime XD

BlitzAK3023d ago

Ye, I found him a little awkward to play as, but in the battle thearte with him and seigfried, both max level, nightmare is always the victor.

vgn243026d ago

That's easy, Cammy or Kasumi!

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The story is too old to be commented.