Sony's Failed Secret Leaves Gaming Industry Breathless

"When the term "Starhawk" was first trademarked by Sony in April of 2009, the media jumped on the idea of having a sequel to the multiplayer-only title, Warhawk. Here we are more than two years after this trademark was made official and Starhawk has been unveiled. While Sony certainly failed on keeping this project completely under wraps, today they shocked us all with what will be taking place within Starhawk."

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Nick2120043026d ago

While I was excited to see what Sony had to offer with Starhawk, I must admit I was not expecting what I saw today. This game is turning out to be EPIC!

LOGICWINS3026d ago

Damn Nick, didn't you have like 4 bubbles two days ago? Anyways, this game looks great. I wonder when its coming out.

Nick2120043026d ago

Something like that, but you know how the N4G campers are. If your opinion is different from theirs, they attack!

Elimin83026d ago

@Nick212004.. Well said brother...

blusoops3026d ago

Comes out EARLY 2012. Straight from the developer's mouth in a video interview!!!

tack1293026d ago

Well said Nick. Have a bubble.

NukaCola3025d ago


Did you seriously get two WELL SAIDs and the Mods didn't let you bump up to 4 bubbles?

On TOpIc:
Starhawk is real breathtaking. The visually are stellarm the gameplay look amazing, and the new Build and Battle feature is super cool. It's not just a lame RTS element, the damn building slam down into the soil and start building up. Lots of great effects and adding a SP Mode is just For The friggin Win to me!

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[email protected]3026d ago

well said nick... help u out bro' bubble!

Dsnyder3026d ago

Yeah that is why im at one bubble. People cant accept an opinion. I should at least have two. Maybe help a guy out lol

telekineticmantis3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

has been rumored since atleast 2008, you can see videos on youtube with the title insinuating, it's existense.

Also I wanna see all the vehicle, in one of the artworks I can see a Hovercycle Jetmoto style, even if it's not in the E3 build try to dig for information on that and other vehicles, also any other info you can harvest.

carter203025d ago

bubbling up !!!!! :P this is on top of my list with dark souls , resistance 3 , infamous 2 , uncharted 3 , elder scrolls V , battlefield 3 .... and more =(

news4geeks3025d ago

everyone is kissing Nick's ass because he presents for a video game website... lulz.

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mrv3213026d ago

Let me get this straight...

More warhawk
A singleplayer
RTS type stuff
More tactics

Where do I sign?

UNCyrus3026d ago

You forgot transforming mechs and much better graphics.

mrv3213026d ago

Sony can have my soul.

I saw a couple videos the game looks fantastic, I just have two fears.

1. Spawn camping
2. Can planes still shoot at tank, in the videos they just focused on air... the point of air was to destroy tanks so soldiers could use AA guns to destroy enemy air.

It created perfect balance.

Aither3026d ago

Plus a western style theme with character development. It's the 3rd person Starcraft. :)

I do really hope this game lives up to the hype cause if it does not only will Sony have another killer app on it's hands, it will have a system seller for sure.

Emmettcelticfan3026d ago

I was a bit chuffed when I found out the main character was called Emmett. I've never met another person called Emmett in real life.
Can't wait to get to try out the new game mechanic of building structures while warhawks are dropping bombs all over the place

stevenhiggster3026d ago

Have to admit, I don't think I've ever met anyone called Emmett in my life. You do have one of the most awesome namesakes though, Doc Emmett Brown, the guys a genius :-)

stevenhiggster3024d ago

Most folks outside of the US have no idea who Emmett Smith is though. I had to google him after you mentioned him (I'm in UK).

GarandShooter3026d ago

@ Dloc

That's the first name that came to my mind.

madjedi3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Main character implies a single player story line to me, so it will probably be $59, as long as i can fly in my warhawk/starhawk and take out some space cruisers, destroyers ect i'm sold.

I still wanted battles to destroy the enemies capital ships(ala star wars battlefront 2), maybe we will see that in starhawk.

When has starhawk really been a secret, we knew it was in development for yrs, we just didn't know the details.

killajd3026d ago

This game looks amazing!!! Simply put this is what we need for shooter based games (RTS on TPS) HELL YEA... Now Im hoping destroying the building is not a shoot twice with a rocket launcher and its done for! I want to be able to Build a fort type structure and be able to defend it without it collapsing in two hits

Nitrowolf23026d ago

yeah but i am also hoping that it isn't like this.
Build building
enemies (my team) comes to destroy building
Building rebuilt in same spot right away.

i think i saw something like this happen in the GTTV preview where (i think it was single player part) they destroyed one of the forts and the player placed another one right away in the same spot.

killajd3026d ago

True I dont want to see that either

Etseix3026d ago

i think i heard on one video (dont remember wich one exactly) that enemies wont be able to do that, unless they destroy all ur team on the base , or they need to be there a lot of time, to capture the base, and then can build something.

i liked the fact that you can build on enemies and destroy them, ha, hope its balanced :D

InspectorG3026d ago

I remember seeing in one of the vids (think it was GTTV) but they were saying that the buildings cost rift energy that you collect - so you are only going to be able to build something right away if you have the amount of rift energy saved from killing the enemy. So its not like an infinite or constant stream of buildings some will take time to collect enough points for.

It adds a cool dynamic that could change the way we look at 3rd person shooters - i love RTS / Tower defence and seeing these things combined in a way with 3rd person shooter can be pretty exciting

nolifeking3026d ago

That was the wall being upgraded so it had a door.

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