Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay, Story Trailers Will Rearrange Your Face

As we move closer to seeing Capcom’s most famous fighting series take on its Namco Bandai counterpart, some new trailers have been let loose.

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Nitrowolf23021d ago

"the best part is clearly when they get punched in the face, and their faces crack and explode, only to reveal another face underneath it, which looks exactly the same. God bless video games."

lol, this looks pretty good. I'm wondering how Tekken X Street Fighter will be (PROB. MORE TEKKEN)

play17boy3021d ago

Ummmmmm.............where is the gameplay?

Nitrowolf23021d ago

click the article its there. about 8 minutes of it to

J BO3021d ago

1) the graphic needs upgrade.
2) the backgrounds are silly.

Redempteur3021d ago

2) background SHOU BE silly in a cross over game ( who need normal backgrounds in a game like this ? )

1) Game isn't even finished and it's clearly running on an updated version of the SF4 engine.. no worries there

Ares843021d ago

Tekken characters will kick the shit out of SF characters. Just like in the video.

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