10 Things I did Since the PlayStation Network Went Down The PlayStation Network has been down for quite some time. It will supposedly be up and running by the end of May. Those of you that have a PlayStation have had to make do without running around vanquishing one another. In the weeks that have passed I have found plenty of things to occupy my time…

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DrFUD3026d ago

1/16 of the user base bought Vaseline.
Sony stocks went down while Vaseline stocks went up.
Once PSN returns Vaseline stocks will drop so sell Vaseline stocks now and buy Sony stocks because once PSN is back up Sony stocks will be too.

Zydake3026d ago

Uh? i don't know if i should be disgusted?

Hagaf223026d ago

I can't wait till PSN is back up just so there wont be any more "what to do when psn is down" list. But then there will be tons of "what to do now that psn is up" list. It's a lose lose situation. N4G should fail all these stories.

LOGICWINS3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

^^I figure the longer PSN is down, the more free shit Sony will be inclined to give us in order to look good for the press at E3.

Anything less than free copies of Infamous 1 and Warhawk would not only be a HUGE slap in the face to their consumers, but a loss on a great marketing opportunity.

Bear_Grylls3026d ago

2 weeks ago I would have called you a troll for such a request.

But now, and with no date yet set for switch on, I am incline to agree that anything less than a full game compensation is not enough.

I feel for the poor people that went out and got SOCOM and Portal 2 day one and can't use any of the main features (multi player is 60%+ of most games).

Godmars2903026d ago

Funny, don't see "played single-player games" anywhere.

Biggest3026d ago

If people really cared about the games most of the websites featured on N4G wouldn't exist.

saladthieves3026d ago

I was also wondering where the single player games were. But looks like this guy had fun anyway.

I like the part where he says that he had a World at War flashback. As a gamer, these stuff can happen in real life.

I remember last year hours after an intense session of Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer I went outside, and the first thought I had when I saw a person from a distance crossing the street was hitting the Select/Back button to let everyone outside know that an enemy is nearby!

Bear_Grylls3026d ago

Dude put the controller down!

ThePsychoGamer3026d ago

I agree, I really starting to like Matt Smirh as The Doctor.

Silly gameAr3026d ago

Maybe when PSN is back up, you can convince your new girlfriend to get a PS3 and show her all of the things she's missing out on, or that would be a pretty one sided relationship.

Don't tell me she's running things already.

HeavenlySnipes3026d ago

1) Platinumed InFamous
2) Played My Player in NBA 2k11
3) Finally got around to playing Gran Turismo 5
4) Replayed Killzone 2 and 3
5) Finally got to Red Dead Redemption

SpartanPrince3026d ago

1. Played GT4
2. Finally beat mgs3
3. Played mgs3 again to understand the plot
4. Beat mgs4
5. Played KZ3 Botzone to get my multiplayer fix

cyclonus0073026d ago

That's weird. Mgs3 is the only one that I haven't played through twice and I thought it had the least complicated story of all of them.

SpartanPrince3026d ago

Yeah it wasnt that bad but i took long breaks playing it. Even got frustrated with The End until i saw the little surprise when i went back to him. Plot wasnt as confusing as mgs2 tho

jerethdagryphon3025d ago

knights contract
sports champions
sly 2
played sly 3

worked on short storys

saladthieves3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

1) Bought a replacement for my dead PS3
2) Played GTA 4 (The complete edition, PS3)
3) Finally got around replaying Red Faction: Guerrilla and completing the campaign this time around(yesterday), then went on to start on collecting A LOT of collectibles, for trophies.
4) Played a lot of Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer (Xbox 360)
5) Replayed inFamous (The save files from the dead PS3 wouldn't work)
6) Got my ass constantly kicked in Demon's Souls.
7) Finally got around to start playing The Witcher (PC).
8) Played some Team Fortress II, went achievement hunting in Half-Life II and its episodes (All on The Orange Box, Xbox 360)
9) Discovered an interesting relationship between my TV and PS3. Apparently they can communicate with each other via HDMI. One can turn on and control the other and vice versa.
10) Sold my Halo Reach and all the Call of Duty games (Except Modern Warfare 1, as that game was truly the last Call of Duty that I consider awesome).

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