The Witcher 2 - Launch Trailer

It's almost time to dive into CD Projekt RED's role-playing sequel. To celebrate, here's a fancy trailer.

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aviator1893020d ago

holy sh**, this looks insanely epic.

DaCajun3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

If you can perfectly stop the video at 2:18:30 you will see a screen that give a bit more cool info. @ the bottom it has 3 PS statements the first
PS1 says you are welcome to their new website
PS2. says that they will have DLC day one on tuesday free and that all DLC they will put out will be free.
" will happen some day;)"

The first 2 PS's I paraphrased but the PS3 one I worded it exactly how they had it. Confirmation of coming to consoles? looks like it.

Edit: seems to be hidden at the end of all 3 latest trailers if you stop it at the right time. Why the disagrees? I didn't add it to their trailers they did. Take it up with CDprojekt you haters, lol. Personally I'm getting it for my PC tuesday, in fact already pre-loaded.

Therealspy033020d ago

yeah, trailers are meant to convey that feeling.

i do think it'll be a good game, but i don't think the trailer did anything particularly amazing. intense music and quick-cut editing are pretty typical for movies and games these days.

i somehow managed to talk steam support into giving me a refund for Brink (one of the worst games i've played this generation), so i'll be getting witcher 2 the moment i finish LA Noire. Big week for gaming. can't wait.

F4sterTh4nFTL3020d ago

By that time LA Noire will be cheaper while the Witcher 2 is already very cheap since it is a PC Game.

The Witcher 2 is Only £24.99

LA Noire is £39.99

morganfell3020d ago

I have the Collector's Edition pre-ordered as well as LA Noire. LA Noire will have to wait on the shelf. I have beaten The Witcher 3 times and managed to get 3 of the 5 different endings. Now The Witcher 2 is coming with 16 different endings. This is going to take some time.

Therealspy033020d ago

so the first one is worth checking out? too bad witcher 2 preorder on steam doesn't come with a free witcher like they do with a lot of games. that would be great.

anonym3020d ago


Definitely worth checking out, and it's on GOG right now for five bucks.

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SuperKing3020d ago

I seem to remember that this game is going to come out on consoles too.

Good time to be a console gamer, especially with Diablo 3 hitting soon.

Therealspy033020d ago

all i saw was that the developers said a console port is "doable." i didn't see them say they were actually doing it. haven't heard any confirmation for diablo being on console either.

sounds like wishful thinking to me. not there's anything wrong with that. but i don't think either game is terribly demanding on an average PC rig, might be time for you to just step up to the current generation.

Pandamobile3020d ago

Must suck to not own a capable PC these days.

kevnb3020d ago

diablo 1 was on playstation, and so were alot of games known as pc games. As long as 90% of console games are multiplat shooters, whats the point?

Pandamobile3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Looks like an incredibly cinematic RPG. (brb finally pre-ordering)

awiseman3020d ago

Feel free to send me your pc anytime ;P

BeastlyRig3020d ago

I pre ordered this yesterday!! & who cares if it comes to console as long as I don't have to touch a console port!

I'll take the best looking version please..

pr0digyZA3020d ago

This is obviously the way the witcher was meant to be played. No doubt a port will come (that is good if you don't have pc)but it will be quite a wait, it might end up in a similar scenario to the Final fantasy 13 where the PS3 players knew you should only buy it on that console, rest is just seconds. Can't wait for this only 3 days. I think i preordered this many months ago even joined the witcher forum and that is something that i never do.

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