Playstation Network Has A Pulse. Service Could Be Online Soon

The Gaming Liberty writes: It looks like the Playstation Network has a pulse.

Although Sony have been mute the last few days and haven’t updated us on when we can expect the service to come back online,it is being reported that the internal Playstation Network developer network is back online.

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movements3025d ago

Nice read. Tuesday is the latest I"m giving it.

Joni-Ice3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I want an update on the Blog today on the status.

EDIT: @ Pirate Thom...They are pissing me off for that reason alone. At times these articles on N4G gives me hope that the PSN will be back on soon more than Sony do.

Dart893025d ago

You might get you're wish come to think of it they usually update the blog on Fridays if you've been paying attention.

PirateThom3025d ago

This has definitely been Sony's weakest aspect of the whole situation, the lack of updates. Even if it's just to say "still working on it", it would be nice for someone to, maybe, try and answer some questions or give some sort of information about where they are and what's happening.

Dramscus3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

It's not like they were all working on it and decided to say aww to hell with it then buggered off.
Of course their still working on it, their losing untold amounts of money by the day. I'm sure it's their number one priority.
If they made posts like that we would just see more useless news articles on the site.

Until word hits that the PSN is up you can guarantee that sony is working to fix it.

Larry L3025d ago


There are 3 different words listed above.
Their definitions are all completely different.
They're not interchangable.

Thank you

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3025d ago

I'm not sure what kinda updates you guys want. Do you want technical stuff or normal stuff? o_o

JBaby3433025d ago

When it does get going again they owe us a lot of Tuesday update/release stuff.

@ Larry L: YOU'RE completely right. It's funny that I'm so used to reading bad grammar on the internet that I don't even pick up on it anymore. Isn't the English language butchered enough without adding to the degradation.

starchild3025d ago

Larry L, it gets annoying, doesn't it? So many people on the internet don't seem to know the difference.

"There" refers to the place or existence of something.

"Their" is a third person plural possessive pronoun.

"They're" is a contraction of "they are".

Your examples were perfect.

StanSmith3025d ago


I'm actually sick of Sony updating the blog with "still working on it". The only update i want to see is that the PSN is up.

I'm tired of them updating us with no updates! lol. I just want PSN back up now.

ZippyZapper3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Sony's "weakest aspect" of all this was not protecting your passwords. Hackers should have never been able to breach the security in the first place. Top that with consumers still being charged for services they can't use. RROD was real bad for MS and almost ended the Xbox. PSN hacked with passwords and your info stolen is worse than RROD.

Pwee3025d ago

@ZippyZapper It's not like anyone has had anything stolem from them atm though (money wise)

harrypmgaga3024d ago


Passwords were hashed, and there's not (yet) any indication that they've actually been discovered and used.

limewax3024d ago

@marshow The funny thing is, if Sony gave us the tech explanation, only about 2-3% of us would understand it in the slightest. I wouldn't try to claim to have a clue either anyway, so either its up or its not is really the best they can do for most, they can go into a bit of detail but too much and nobody will make head or tails of it

badz1493024d ago

emm...a person in a coma has pulse too you know. and usually nobody knows when the coma will end! :-(

Dee_913024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

@ piratethom
why do you want unnecessary updates ?
if they said they are working on it they are working on it .. theres nothing to be updated on ..
on monday they say we are working on it on wednesday they say we are working on it .. its no point in that.. no point to get mad at that

thats like your girlfriend calling you asking were you at ever 2 mins wen you told her you in route

the only next update from them should be the date it will be up then the update after that should be the day its back

Active Reload3024d ago

Poor Sony, I feel bad for them. At least for PS3 owners have something to keep them busy with the likes of LA NOIRE coming out tomorrow...

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ikkeweer3025d ago

@movements, if they don't on Tuesday, then what?

Wobbuffet3025d ago

Exactly, we need to stay patient, im sure it wont be long.

morkendo233025d ago

DAMN!!! PSN will be back up with OFFICIAL announcement at E3!!! stop guessing dates.

NiKK_4193025d ago

I'm sure it'll be on before E3 lol

potedude3025d ago

It had better be on before E3, thats still a good while away...

Therealspy033024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

speaking of Live (realizing that he meant live and not live)...

if they don't have this up n running by tuesday, i might have to get la noire on 360 instead. i heard there's a online component that's pretty cool, and i'd hate to miss that.

unfortunate though, cuz ps3 was the lead platform so it'll probably perform better.

Zydake3024d ago

I didn't mean XBOX Live Lol. I just meant like some one trying to revive someone

Therealspy033024d ago

i know what you meant...hence the "realizing that he meant live and not live" part.

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jdoggystyyle3024d ago

*cough* i havent heard this for the past 3 weeks " its comin back in a few days!"

showtimefolks3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

psn will be back monday night or tuesday.

now the whole thing maybe just to play online and stuff but who knows maybe the reason sony hasn't said much we may get a surprise and whole psn is back

and i can not wait to play killzone 3 online for like 4hrs lol

what will be your first game that you will play online?

portal 2
mortal kombat

lil Titan3024d ago

feel like dancing like in the movie The Wiz

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SuperKing3025d ago

They could atleast give some sort of notification to the PS3 that are connected through the internet. Not all of us PS3 consumers search the internet for updates on PSN.

Tired3024d ago

Er...Us? You appear to count yourself in that catagory yet here you are!

Urrakia343025d ago

Don't get excited guys. This "article" is based on a comment that some dude on a forum posted.

Godmars2903025d ago

Was just about to ask if this was recycled or not...

soundslike3025d ago

have had similar articles once a week

Kee3024d ago

My thoughts exactly. I just thought "so we're all just gonna believe it because some guy said it on a forum?"

BX813024d ago

Why not? I know I do! With these types of things I follow 1 general rule. Don't believe it until you see it. lol