Borderlands joins OnLive's flat-rate PlayPack service

OnLive is aiming to make its flat-rate, "all-you-can-play" PlayPack plan more attractive -- this time down the barrel of a cel-shaded rifle. The cloud gaming company announced today that Gearbox's Borderlands is joining the $10 per month selection of titles on tap for unlimited play.

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ZugZug II3023d ago

Heck yes they are, and they are going to have a showing at E3.

stealth500k3023d ago

no they arent..........they are pretty much failing. It hasnt taken off anywhere basically.

Its a big rip off. It has no pro's if your a gamer.

mananimal3023d ago

Lol, i know those secret "N4G Trolls", hate that most gamers aren't excepting the "Mind Control" in this article, yet, lol, they love to manipulate the post by agreeing or disagreeing without making a reply, lol, to tilt the influence of gamers opinions one way or the other. yes , i see you.

DelbertGrady3023d ago

I love the idea of OnLive. Unfortunately, I think it will take a couple of years before the tech blossoms.

stealth500k3023d ago

As long as its a ripoff (which is always) it will never take off.

A dd only system where you pay monthly? Are they insane?

Its as good as borrowing. You dont own games anymore

ZugZug II3023d ago

Um you don't have to pay monthly. They are always having deals and and stuff, so how is it a ripoff?

mananimal3017d ago

Insane?, you've only scratched the surface my dear friend.

Tyre3023d ago

i hate the idea of will kill everything we love about consoles. let it die plz.

monkeyfox3023d ago

When everyone has 100mbts broadband THEN it will take off..

mananimal3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Dont care!, On-LIVE like STEAM = "CORPORATE Control Mechanism", Don't Care, will NEVER EXCEPT this Business Model, More cost also, since you will need a constant Internet connection($$$ spent) to play "ANY GAME" with this "Business Model". No Physical "Representation" of game/ its on a SERVER. You OWN NOTHING, with this "Business Model". You Play when they let you, since if it goes down, etc etc , YOU CAN'T play games. lol In the "Long Run" its less options for gamers, more control and $$$$ for "Industry", that's what this "=equals", in the END GAME. You can disagree til your blue in the face, BUT you CAN'T BEAT THE FACTS, IT IS what IT IS.......SHEEPLE