PSN outage hits used market - report

The second-hand price of some of the PlayStation 3's most popular online games has fallen sharply since PlayStation Network went down last month, so says a new report.

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Dante1123022d ago

"According to *independent price tracking blog Video Game Price Charts*, the resale value of the ten most popular online titles on the PlayStation 3 has dropped by an average of 7.4 per cent in the US since PSN first went down on 20th April. In comparison, the same ten titles saw a small 0.7 per cent increase on Xbox 360."


thebudgetgamer3022d ago

i like to buy games at low prices.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3022d ago

Totally agree, i will definatly take advantage of this.

Dante1123022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

True, I'm gonna see if GOW3 has finally come down.

Edit: Nvm , online games. KZ3 hopefully, always wanted to play it.
Edit2: Dang, $35-45 is still alot going off of

DlocDaBudSmoka3022d ago

i love cheap priced games. i feel i get more for my buck. new or used. i mainly buy new to support the industry, but i buy used too on games u cant find anywhere else. If i learned one thing from my mom growin up, it was how to save money by shoppin for the best deals.

ZombieAssassin3022d ago

Obviously Gamestop didnt get the memo

BiggCMan3022d ago

Hahaha, true that. Gamestop are a bunch of cons.

Moentjers3022d ago

Better get me a 2nd one, still playing a first day phat 60GB.

Ninjamonkey823022d ago

Sweet jan sales all over again :) God sake when will these people learn ey. Well hope some these price drops are hitting Ireland gonna check out my local gamestores tomoz to see what Bargains i can pick up for my PS3 lol. :)

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