Top 5 Most Wanted Unlikely RPG Sequels

The video game industry is laden with many different kinds of genres, from shooters to platformers to racing games and everything in between, but the experience of playing role-playing games and the journeys within have always been the ones I've remembered and treasured the most.

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Emilio_Estevez3022d ago

Nice article. Those all seem quite unlikely atm.

StillGray3022d ago

I wish they'd make some of these games.

halocursed3022d ago

Maybe I'll just kidnap Yu Suzuki and force him to tell me how the story ends of Shenmue 3 at gunpoint. Shit airplane tickets to japan aren't cheap.

curbowb813022d ago

IMO I think Final Fantasy Tactics should have a sequel. Not any Game boy BS either a real sequel..

CrescentFang3021d ago

The 3 most unlikely JRPG sequels:

Breath of Fire VI
Suikoden VI
Wild Arms 6

I remember rpgland making an article about those 3 lol

truehunter3021d ago

dude you just name the list i love. Dont forget SMT /Persona titles and Grandia IV.

CrescentFang3018d ago

Oh Grandia... I am positive Game Arts released Lunar silver Star Harmony on the PSP, correct?

And I don't know too much about Grandia Online, but they apparently released the PSOne Classic version near the same time as Grandia Online :)

For SMT, the devs are done with Cathrine (I believe since it is out in Japan) and I am not sure if P2 Innocent Sin (PSP) is already out, but I hope that the team is working on a new title in the series :)

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The story is too old to be commented.