Deus Ex: HR to feature in-game advertising?

An Australian previewer has discovered that Deus Ex: HR is likely to feature a dynamic in-game advertising system. What does this mean for the video game industry?

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BakedGoods3024d ago

Wow, I guess they want me to start saving *now* for that new car they'll advertise.

SuperKing3024d ago

It's not so bad. Some games use it selectively to enhance the experience. EA Sports uses them and it feel more authentic with the ads. Without just seems that something is missing. lol

Yi-Long3023d ago

... but if they just sell certain advertising-space inside the game to whoever, you get stuff that completely takes you OUT of the game, instead of enhancing it, and thus it completely ruins the game!

A good example is the first Crackdown. That one had in-game advertising, which meant that in some futuristic city I was suddenly coming across advertisements for a local dutch musical Mama Mia (I believe)(!)

That was the reason I never bought that game. That's just horrible cause it is just extremely frustrating as it takes you completely out of the game.

Zydake3023d ago

I think this is great! Imagine walking down Liberty City and you see some ads for Coke. and then u hear pedestrians saying they rather do coke

Shane Kim3023d ago

It means. Death to capitalism!!!

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Quagmire3023d ago

Id rather the Eidos helps finance itself with in-game advertising than DLC and Online Passes and the like.

Whitefeather3023d ago

I hate Quagmire but I agree with you 100%. Why not let them advertise if it makes sense? It's not like they're advertising in Dragon Age, Lord of the rings, God of War, etc. If it makes sense and also adds to the immersion I don't mind it. It would piss me off it they make you watch a commercial though.

Quagmire3023d ago

Wait, you hate the character? Or me as a person?

But yea, it was quite funny back in the day when games were riddled with in-game ads pre-DLC era, and gamers were annoyned and ranting about it.

Now they're ranting about a worse alternative, DLC.

Whitefeather3023d ago

No man just the character from family guy. You're cool lol.

Fishy Fingers3023d ago

Dont care as long as it's not intrusive. In-game ads (if done with subtlety) dont bother me what so ever.

Shane Kim3023d ago

You have a point. As long as it don't pop in front of the screen it's all good. But then again, it depends on the game and the universe. It'll just look kind of cheap if, for example, KZ had ads of Sony hanging on a wall. Even if it was made subtle.

mrv3213023d ago

I think in-game advertising helps the experience in modern day RPG's because nothing can be worse than seeing a fake coca-cola advert... I'd rather be given the real thing.

If Oblivion had a coke bottle that's be bad.

KiWi17113023d ago

I fully agree, as long as it's both non-intrusive and/or done tastefully, I don't have any problems with in-game ads.

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