Your Atelier Meruru Packaging

Andriasang: Gust has revealed the packaging for upcoming PS3 title Atelier Meruru. Here she is, with comparison pics from predecessors Atelier Totori and Atelier Rorona included

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Redempteur3017d ago

VEry nice.. now that totori is coming by NISA , everything ATM look better.

i hope totori sells as well as rorona so we can get meruru next year (y)

Ravage273017d ago

Really happy that Totori is finally coming over, i guess it bodes well for the Meruru :)

Rorona left a great impression on everyone i recommended it to, so it will be easy to sell them on the sequel.

rataranian3017d ago

All my money says they will change the US box art because its "too provocative". Like anyone hasn't seen a naked 15 yr old anime girl before! GEEEEEZ! =P

Redempteur3017d ago

at least the box art for rorona was alright and fit the mood of the game .

If anything if they use a box art un appropriate , we can express our disapointment ( like the firt US box art of atelier rorona ) and get it changed ... NISA actually listen to their fans

coryok3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

i havnt finished rorona yet, but its delightful, i hope i get a chance to play them all

HeartDisease3017d ago

finally totori is confirmed! hope it sells well for gust, i know i will have be buying it.