Gamestop Gives Us A Slew Of Release Dates

Gamestop may have outed release dates for big titles such as Bioshock: Infinite, Metal Gear Rising and more!

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Darkseeker3024d ago

Placeholder dates, gotta love them.

limewax3024d ago

Agreed, If you look at these dates some of them are particularly suspicious, one even states a game releasing on New Years Day.....That would be a first

solidsnake2223024d ago

Yup, since Uncharted 3 comes out November 1st, I doubt if the 13th is a Tuesday. Meaning the tomb raider one is probably wrong at least.

Raven_Nomad3024d ago

Not really interested in any of those...but I like how sneaky they are!

SoundGamer3024d ago

GameStop always gives release dates for any game you can pre-order. However, the only ones that are close to being reliable are the ones that have "SD" written beside them because those are street dates given to them by the publisher. Otherwise they are generally guesstimates for release dates. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong.

Jack-H3024d ago

Gimme some of that Lara please! lol Those 'dates' just make me sadder that we have to wait longer

GodSquad3024d ago

I cannot fackin wait for BIOSHOCK Infinite