Gameplayer Reviews Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - 'Excellent, Yet a Letdown'

Gameplayer has gone live with their Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 review. Although they applaud the gameplay, they are highly critical of Konami's approach to the title.

"Seriously, what do you say when you are as equally impressed by a game, as you are heartbreakingly disappointed?"

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vaan4066d ago

The reviews seem to be hammering the frame rates. I need a good football game but I'm going to hang back a while until more reviews come in.

mighty_douche4066d ago

..ive read quite a few reviews now, and while most of them DO mention the frame rate issues most state that you'd never notice it while playing. unfortunatly its been slightly rushed to get it out in time, its a shame indeed but ill still be picking it up on day 1, the gameplay is so much better than FIFA.

Rama262854066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Well in this review, all they say in the entire thing is "with disturbing frame-rate issues (especially in the replays)", that's hardly a 'hammering'.

The whole review has a fairly negative tone anyway, yet they give it a very impressive 9/10 - go figure!

predator4066d ago

ill get anyway as i love me some football and hate fifa

Rama262854066d ago

They give it 9/10 despite all the negative things they say. Imagine if they fixed all those things...

SlappingOysters4066d ago

I guess that is PES 2009 from the sounds of it.

there is another article that compares PES with FIFA directly from the reviewer who tackled both games -

marcindpol4066d ago

anotha good reviea, will buy it on day one!

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