Big Games of 2011: Exclusive Screens for IO Interactive’s New Hitman: Absolution

IO Interactive is working on the fifth game in the Hitman franchise for Square Enix. Hitman: Absolution will hit PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2012. The Copenhagen-based developer is using brand new game technology, the Glacier 2 game engine, to bring visuals like the below exclusive concept art to life. The new game is the first in the franchise to be set only in the United States, with Chicago being a focal point for the level shown at this upcoming E3 show.

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PRHB HYBRiiD3020d ago

hes wanted now? mmm i hope this is not another splinter cell conviction that would suck :(

reznik_zerosum3020d ago

ye it sure looks like more "action" this time,i dont want that

PRHB HYBRiiD3019d ago

me either hitman was all about silent missions ,get in kill the target and get out.

MrBeatdown3020d ago

Sounds like it could be an open world of sorts. I'm thinking something along the lines of The Darkness where you could travel from place to place via the subway, not a full-blown open world like GTA. Hitman has always consisted of small open levels. All they would have to do is come up with a way for you to travel back and forth like the subway or taxis.

The article kind of gives me that impression... The artwork of Chicago, the fact that it will be set entirely in the US, the way they call it a "significantly different experience from other Hitman games", and the way they talk about completely new features.

Not that I necessarily think that it will be open world, but the thought of it just popped into my head while reading those things.

BushLitter3020d ago

Does anyone else feel that they wish those screenshots were from Max Payne 3?

reznik_zerosum3020d ago

hehe,dark city + rain,new york :D,MP2 is really masterpiece

zeeman3020d ago

Absolutely loved the previous games. But this was due to the formula it had enough to separate it from the Stealth genre and the shoot em ups too. It would be a shame if they changed that too much. "Movie tie in" just chills my spine because they are crap unless its goldeneye.

G4MERx3019d ago

يالبى هيتمان

لعبه جامده مره :)