Microsoft slashes Xbox 360 price in Japan

The Associated Press reports from Tokyo on October 22, 2007:

Microsoft is slashing Xbox 360 prices in Japan by about 13 percent as the price war among video game consoles heats up globally ahead of the key year-end shopping season.

The Xbox 360 console will sell in Japan for 34,800 yen (US$304; €213) from Nov. 1, down from 39,795 yen (US$348; €244), the U.S. software maker's Japan unit said Monday in a statement.

A more basic version of the machine now selling for 29,800 yen (US$261; €182) will go for 27,800 yen (US$243; €171), according to Microsoft Corp.

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nix4041d ago

Buy Halo 3, Get a 360 FREE!

the worst4041d ago

thats funny

gogators4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

but a free console probably would move a few systems.

sak5004041d ago

Yeah on the same level as buy ps3 and get 40" plasma free. Anyway the way things r going for ps3 with all the price cuts, Ps3 should be free by end of next year.

nix4041d ago

ouch! i feel someone's hurt! LOL! @sack! q:

chill dude.. you've had your days, now it's PS3's time!

frank jaeger4041d ago

the ps3 is not at its time seriously i still dont c anything promising , and dont give me the whole "the most expected over hyped list" again seriously lame

nuff saidz

Feihc Retsam4041d ago

Japan is the only major market where the Xbox360 needs a price cut. It's outselling the PS3 everywhere else, but in Japan, they are still very loyal to their homemade hardware.
As we've seen around the world with the PS3, price is only a fraction of the cause for poor hardware sales. The most significant factor with a poor selling platform is the software available for it.
Because the PS3 still has a weak lineup of games, the hardware continues to sell 1/3 to 1/4 as many consoles as the Xbox360 and the Wii.
So, although Microsoft is dropping the Xbox360 price in Japan, there has to be a lineup of games that appeal to the Japanese gamer before the Xbox360 will see a noticeable sales increase.

karlostomy4041d ago

This is a true cultural phenomenon. Do some research on japanese culture if you disagree offhand..

Just imagine if americans only bought american consumer products
just imagine if Australia only bought australian consumer products.
Just imagine if Germans only bought German consumer producs.

sound silly?

well, that is exactly what is happening in Japan.

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jiggyjay4041d ago

When the new xbox come out M$ should have Toshiba rebrand it and have it come out as Toshiba's product!!

DarkArcani4041d ago

I wouldn't call them racists, the correct term is ethnocentric. They like Americans. They just find their stuff better than ours. Kind of like when ever something breaks we always blame Taiwan or China.

ktchong4041d ago

then Apple iPod would not have been to completely dominate the Japanese portable music market and repeatedly defeat Japanese competition including Sony's many futile attempts to challenge iPod -- in Japan.

power of Green 4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I do dissagree with the "West" being a race of people but I do think gaming is part of the Japanese sub/mainstream culture and they do seem to show bias in a industry they have created basiclly and champion it as the leader in what they consider a market they own and outsiders do not messure up. Honestly they have Arcades all around the larger cities, what makes you think some outsider will ever lead the industry in Japan?.

Made in china/USA" you see thats the bottom line in the gaming industry then you got taste and all the other hundreds of reasons on why.

Wii new futuristic gameplay, PS3 Supposed super console with HD-DVD players in it. The Japanese must have the most futuristic things on the market "in their eyes".

Hell Some of their sh*t doesn't even make State side they're so packed with what they consider Futuristic but not practical over here, Hell my House is full of do-dads My Girl's from Osaka.


I don't know about "arrogance of Americans" has anything to do with what MSFT missunderstood, Americans are more excepting of new things that has practical purpose( I have SoySause despensing chop sticks from J-land). MSFT assumed the Japanses would get what they were doing for the industry.

MSFT could have done better with Japanses software support. Doesn't matter anyways they'll be left behind if they do not adjust. This is why the more flexable devs like Capcom, Namco Bandi etc are making the money and others stick to tradition.

Ipods are hardware and its the software fusion thats helping this divice its not just becuase its some bare-bones western hardware they like .

MSFT is leading the way regardless and the other consoles are coming along in the 360's image despite not buying the xbox itself..

ktchong4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

why should they change their taste just to buy American products to make Americans happy?

If Americans want to successfully sell them something, then it's Americans who should come up with something that appeal to THEIR taste and make THEM happy.

The self-absorbed, self-important arrogance of Americans have never ceased to amaze me.

DarkArcani4041d ago

I wouldn't consider Americans self absorbed. I just feel in this situation, there is one fun console and one high end console/entertainment system. Why would the Japanese want a 360 that falls in the middle(leaning more twrds the PS3). Personally as a consumer, I wouldn't want it. No bashing intended.

I don't think Americans should change their products in any way so they suit more towards the Japanese, and lean towards excluding Americans. That wouldn't be a smart business solution.

MS needs to make that one thing that isn't adopted in other cultures yet, "naturally," don't try to force it. The Ipod was kind of a fluke. There were other mp3 players out, just one appealed more towards people and was accepted at a much higher rate. It was natural though, not forced.

gogators4041d ago

They happen to find the 360 unappealing, which is certainly their right. Not that a price drop will hurt, I just don't think it will help until the 360 start getting a number of exclusives that the Japanese find appealing to them. It's going to be a struggle against both Sony and Nintendo, when both systems are offering or will be offering the games they like.

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Oblivioner4041d ago

Lol nix ur comment cracked me up... M$$$ desperate to catch up in JP

Prismo_Fillusion4041d ago

Maybe the Japanese don't like paying tens of thousands of yen for a product with a 33% fail rate. Especially when they could buy two other game systems with a near 0% fail rate. That's just called being a smart consumer!

wil4hire4041d ago

No one was waiting around for a price drop. Unlike the ps3, to where it makes sense and is a great deal.

399 for Bluray player and higher quality games.

Sorry the 360 has nothing for (everywhere outside of the usa) Like the playstaion does.

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