The Question: Is Call of Duty good or bad for gaming

Destructoid: I'm working on a new video about some of the hate that gets poured on the Call of Duty franchise, because if there's one major franchise that's sure to guarantee a hate parade, it's that one.

Is the hate justified? Do people merely despise the series because it's popular, or is there something inherently wrong with the franchise?

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awiseman3021d ago

As of right now, its bad. It encourages companies to put together the usual formula and throw it out annually for a profit.

If MW3 adds some twists to the usual formula, it is rumored to have a cover system, then it may not be so bad. It seems that the addition of a cover system, if true is the result of IW going after the Gears crowd.

CrazyForGames3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

i disagree there have been ALLOT and i do mean ALLOT of games that have done this and still do this before COD was even a noticeable thing

everyone likes to point the finger at COD but i prefer to point the finger at the ones who have no problem whatsoever trying to simply imitate the COD formula
if you blame COD you should also blame all the game companies who are and have tried to copy it they aren't any more innocent themselves (adding fuel to the fire)

Zydake3021d ago

I strongly agree saying that other dev's don't do the same is hypocritical.

BattleAxe3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Tiger Woods(EA), Madden(EA), NBA(EA), NHL(EA), WWE Smackdown vs RAW(THQ), Guitar Hero(Activision), Tony Hawk(Activision), Rock Band(EA). The only thing that makes Call of Duty stand out as being milked is the fact that its a shooter. Battlefield is doing the same thing though, Bad Company 1 came out in June 2008, then a year later Battlefield 1943 came out on consoles, then a year after that Bad Company 2 came out, and now this year Battlefield 3 is coming out. Thats 4 Battlefield games in 3 1/2 years.

Drazz3021d ago

YES it is, VERY BAD!! It means publishers get boat loads of money for little work.

koh3021d ago

Well if those publishers can then use all that money to invest into original game ideas that would never have the funding on it's own, it is a good thing. But I fear that is rarer than I would like to believe.

Drazz3021d ago

Activision? New IPs? Where? They are very content with WoW and CoD.

koh3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Yeah I know, not with Activision (at all), but hopefully some of the clones can and will

2fk3021d ago

it's bad for gaming; more developers are copying COD...COD doesnt represent FPS....i wish more developers would be more creative....IMO BF series is a good series to look up to

duplissi3021d ago

thats a slippery slope though... see cod used to be the series to look up to now look whats happened.

i say series should stop copying and try to be somewhat original for a change.

2fk3021d ago

yea activision cares only about money now; they are so confident that any COD they put out will sell that they basically copy and paste now...BF series is innovative they make u feel like it is a war game...while COD feels like a arcade shooter

Raven_Nomad3021d ago

It's great for everyone. If you don't like it, don't play it. However it clearly appeals to the masses as a whole. It's the game that got me into FPS games in the first place and it's the game that does FPS the best. Nuff Nuff.

Drazz3021d ago

Just cause its popular doesn't mean it's the best...

Raven_Nomad3021d ago

Well what more does COD have to do to prove itself? It's the best selling game, it's always the most anticipated game of the year. It scores super well on Metacritic. I mean the whole sales don't equal quality thing can only bare so much weight.

COD is solid.

JohnnyBadfinger3021d ago

well said raven.

Its the haters who buy the game,who make it so popular.

@Drazz, let me guess Killzone is the best, because the minority of the PS3 fanbase said so?

Sorry due to numbers, sales, and player count CoD is the Juggernaut King of FPS... fact and undisputed.

ndl15313021d ago

you mean the casual masses right ? cod4 was great in 2006 but now its just garbage man same old tired engine over and over and the casual crowd eats it up cuz they dont know any better. kinda feel sorry for them really having to put up with that commercialised garbage and again its cuz they dont know any better just like that guy ice t talks this crap up like its the greatest but ask him about any other game and he doesn't know squat see cuz he's not a gamer just like the other millions of them . just cod and madden is all they play and how do i know ? cuz i have many homies like that . try to show em something different but naaa "call of dudu iz de titezt broz "dam shame hahaha

Kee3021d ago

It's bad for the gaming industry because it means companies can suck all our money out of out pockets but in terms of for gaming in it's simplest form, it is neither good nor bad. It is a game. The people who play it enjoy it and that's all that matters.
Why must people question what everything means in the grand scheme of things? The world will not end because a company has got the right formula to appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers. Nor will gaming decline because people are buying re-hashed versions of the same game every year.

Personally, I'll probably get MW3 this year because it's the one game I know all my friends will have. To me that's what the whole online experience is about.
My friends don't play battlefield. They've probably never heard of it. But a new cod gets everyone's attention. Indefinitely. Whether it's the same as last year's game or whether there's been changes it'll sell a boatload and continue to have a huge following.

bub163021d ago

its a good thing, it keeps all the immature idiots to one game, I know all games have the idiots but call of duty is by far the worst. Play search and destroy on black ops on xbox 360. every lobby i go in to i end up leaving because some idiot is blasting "gangster" music down the microphone thinking i want to hear it. Or i have some other person calling me names screaming for attention!!!!!

Kee3021d ago

Don't stereotype. If any other game had such a big following, there would still be a huge percentage of dicks.
That's life for ya. The world we live in. You can't blame a game because of the people that play it, nor can you even say a certain type of person plays it. What you can do is mute idiots and continue enjoying the game.
Your argument just seems a little bitty and off topic.

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