Starhawk Dev: 'We'd Be Silly To Compete With CoD'

NowGamer - Newly-announced PS3-exclusive shooter Starhawk isn't about to try and dislodge Call of Duty's online crown, according to senior producer Harvard Bonin.

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-Mezzo-3021d ago

A Wise Choice, BE Your Own Identity & I'm Sure Starhawk Will Succeed In Making An Identity Of It's Own.

More Developers Should Stop Chasing COD.

newn4gguy3021d ago

I can't seem to find the "First Letter Caps Lock" button...


Anon19743021d ago

That's what I loved about Warhawk, and Killzone for that matter. They aren't COD, and they aren't trying to be.

Back when KZ2 came out, I had shooter friends who complained about every aspect of KZ2 - from the weighty feel of the character to the non-COD button layout. It always came down to "It's not like COD this way, and that way."
I replied "Dude. If you want it to be like Call of Duty, why not just play Call of Duty?"

Personally, I can't wait for this game.

colonel1793021d ago

I agree and disagree.
Killzone 2 was a completely different game than CoD and was an extremely well done master pice. I loved everything in the game.

Killzone 3 on the other hand, is trying really hard to be CoD and it fails miserably. Even though the game is great, I felt like I was playing COD wannabe. The vehicle levels, the feel of the controller (it wasn't "heavy feel" anymore). The action, was more CoD style instead of KZ2;s. I don't play MP but I heard that even MP was ruined by the fact that it was trying to be COD.

I hate that developers try to always follow what it sells, and change their games, specially with COD and Wii.. this gen, every developer either tried to go casual or go COD and all of them have failed.

Muerte24943021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I totally agree with you about the differences between Killzone3 and Killzone2. I felt like Guerilla Games abandoned their existing fan-base to accommodate the COD players. I loved the weighty feeling of Killzone2 alot. KZ2 made to where if all you had was a pistol, you to get a headshot with just one bullet, no problem. KZ3, it almost never happens and that's why I haven't played it for some time. Warhawk community had extremely long legs. I'll be revisiting this classic when psn is back live.

case in point:

ATiElite3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

"Dam COD we are looking to fry much bigger out Master Chief, Emmit Graves is "glowing mad" and driving a Warthog. pew pew pew!

I thought it was funny but hey I'm no comedian.

I think the gaming industry took a huge step BACKWARDS trying to battle/copy/clone COD. I'm glad Starhawk and the Devs are like screw COD we are on some New Sh!t".

hazeblaze3021d ago

Funny enough, I thought the first Warhawk has a far more addictive gamefly formula than any of the Cod's have. The unlockable's & killstreaks keep COD fun, but the moment to moment gameplay in Warhawk was way better imo.

ivant3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )


DICE isn't/hasn't with Bad Company and with Battlefield 3.

They are already better games but simply not as popular due to the MW fanboyz that like that sort of gameplay.

I am a diehard Warhawk fan that hates the confined twitch ground warfare in MW.

But I want all the modern looks, weapons, vehicles of MW and Battlefield in a FPS. And there are clearly alot of "modern-equipment" shooter fans out there -- more than futuristic.

So competing with -- copying the best from -- MW would have been a good idea, as you would be producing a game that could pull the fanboyz away from their beloved CoD.

Warhawk would have been so much better and popular, if it had modern environments, equipment and vehicles....and was a FPS. Many more would have likely played this game rather than MW2.


The bad company series were terrible Battlefield games if you were a BF2 player, they were like stripped down versions with a sevre lack of community features like in game clan support and in game clan matches, smaller maps, less vehicles, poorly designed conquest maps, inconsistent shooting system.

BF2 & BF2:MC > BC 1 & 2

and BC2 was so blatantly trying to appeal to the COD community with perks, regen health, low health & twitch shooter mechanics

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user94220773021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Starhawk is a man's game; none of that COD bullshit.

At least it tries to do things differently. Activision are milking gamers by using the same fucking engine over and over again.

I'm coming for you, Kotick: you fat bastard.

Joni-Ice3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I agree. I love when developers go against the grain and do something different. I like how Light Box added a tower defense mechanic in Star Hawk. As for MW3 I hope they add something fresh and new to the next COD because they are milking gamers by doing the same thing over and over. I don't think developer should compete with one another but learn from one another.

fluffydelusions3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Blame the people who buy it. Why would they change it if it keeps selling better...e.g blops

LarVanian3021d ago

Unless you want to try and get at least one sequel out every year (with no improvements whatsoever) that millions of 'sheep' will buy no matter what, I don't see any other way of competing with COD.

Speakindatruth3021d ago

And that's why I love Incognito/Lightbox. They're not trying to be better than anybody. They're not trying to be anyone else. They're just trying to be themselves.

user94220773021d ago


Speak the truth, as your name says.

I'm sure many N4G readers have played Warhawk and loved its concept; it was so fun playing with N4G members I remember years ago; just such a great game.

Starhawk is going to be amazing.

Hawks fighting in space? Sign me up.

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