IGN Believes having a black protagonist is going too far writes: "Now I would not go as far as to say that Anthony Gallegos is a racist, but it does seem to be odd that he had to dedicate an entire paragraph to highlight the fact that the main character in Starhawk, Emmett Graves is black. For the most part, we only see black characters play secondary roles like Captain Anderson and Jacob Taylor in Mass Effect but never the main character. So in that regard, IGN is correct. However where I have the problem is that the author and by extention, IGN believes that ALL gamers are white males who are uncomfortable with playing a game in which the main character is black."

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Cardenjs3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Bad rep for IGN lately

Edit: Not that they don't deserve it.

Tripl3seis3022d ago

ign could go to hell a holes.

thrasherv33022d ago

I thought gamers got over this race issue with GTA:SA?

GameZenith3022d ago

True, GTA: SA was a high selling game even with a black character as the lead. However, the character was in a very stereotypical role just like other GTA characters like Italians and such.

What we have not seen is a black character as the protagonist that is NOT some racially stereotype like a CJ in GTA:SA or Cole Train in Gears of War.

The inside theory is that developers cannot sell a black guy to a white audience unless that black guy is an exaggerated stereotype. Whether that is true or not I do not know. I just hope and I really believe that this Emmett Graves of Starhawk isn't just another "stereotype"

LarVanian3022d ago

I think you missed out on GTA: Vice City Stories. Victor Vance who was the protagonist of that game was black, but he did not display any characteristics of a stereotypical black gangsta you would see in The Wire or Boyz in the Hood. Victor was a perfectly normal man.

GameZenith3022d ago


Yes, you are right about Victor Vance in VCS, but also you have to understand that Vice City Stories wasn't a huge AAA title in the same way San Andreas or even Vice City was. VCS was a PSP title that not many people played so not many people experienced Victor in VCS.

However if Victor Vance's story was the forefront in 2002's Vice City instead of Tommy Vercetti, then we would be having a different conversation because WAAAAYYYY more people played Vice City in comparison to Vice City Stories. Just like more people played GTA3 than they did Liberty City Stories.

Muerte24943022d ago

Does, this change the fact that most of people's time will be spent in the multiplayer section. Battlefield BC2 has African-American characters and Hispanic-American ones. If you choose to pass up this game based on something as little as the protagonist's skin color, then you're lost. It'll just be one less racist that I'll have to encounter on StarHawk because I will definitely be picking this up.

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