IGN - Square Enix is Hurting

IGN - There's a lot of chatter these days about the Japanese gaming industry. Its global market share and prestige has fallen precipitously in recent years, and even games coming out of Japan from franchises as famous and well-respected as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are finding themselves competing more and more with formidable western games from formidable western companies.

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EYEamNUMBER13021d ago

that's what happens when you don't release any games

did they even release anything this year?

Kee3021d ago

They have released quite a few games.. Not much of note, however. They do have a few things coming up too. Hopefully they don't disappoint us all.

Blaze9293021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

no, that's what happens when you don't release any GOOD games. They're definitely releasing games. But not any games people want. They know what the fans are demanding, but instead we're getting shit like FFXIII-2? Please go. Stop trying to change your style and image and reaching out to the West so much. Losing focus.

Kingdom Hearts 3, FF7 Remake, Versus FF13. Release/make them already.

Chewy1023021d ago

One word explains it all.



fantasygamer3021d ago

First Step get rid of Wada..

Venom2153021d ago

they fucken suck their gameplay on games feels dated.......

bwazy3021d ago

Well yeah the last two FF titles were AWFUL

Kee3021d ago

XII wasn't bad. XIII i can understand the hate for.

tplarkin73021d ago

Square refuses to innovate. They are using design principals from 1995.

ApexHell3021d ago

i think he was talking about 13 and 14

Kee3021d ago

@hellmetal Just realised that after i typed it, man.

bwazy3021d ago

FF13/14 - 12 was alright

DragonKnight3021d ago

@tplarkin: Actually, the problem is that they're trying too hard to cater to what western critics and minority western RPG gamers think is good in an RPG. They need to remain Japanese, keep their style (even if it's the ATB style that so many hate for no legitimate reason), and focus on what they do best.

Innovation is just a buzzword thrown around these days for when someone wants to whine about something they don't like.

"This game uses ATB, it doesn't innovate at all"

Translates to: "This game is too slow for me, I need it to have twitch mechanics for my fast paced, no time lifestyle."

SE's big problems are too many handheld games with too great a focus on making them. Too many useless, unwanted remakes of lesser known, crappier games that no one cares for. Catering to the West, which is just flat out stupid. Paying too much attention to western critics who are so damn jaded as a matter of course. And NOT LISTENING TO YOUR FANS!!!!

SE's problems are summed up in 2 games. FFXIII and FFXIV. They admitted to not listening to the beta testers for FFXIV because they never listen to the fans. Never have. And when once asked why they don't, the response was "because games are made differently in Japan." Well then, if they're made differently, why try to cater to the West? Stick to what you know, and simply make that better.

Everything's been done to death. They key now is to do it with your own twist, or with a unique presentation. Listen to your fans SE. We know what we like better than you do. You don't have to follow everything we say to the letter, but you need to start taking what we say more seriously.

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bitboi3021d ago

square-enix needs to rethink some of the games they choose to publish. And really focus themselves and get back to the days of releasing really good a memorable rpgs. Final fantasy is only selling because of it's name now...

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The story is too old to be commented.