IGN - L.A. Noire: One Hell of a Town

IGN - L.A. Noire is based in 1940s Los Angeles. Unlike Rockstar's other open-world games, this city isn't a work of fiction. That's right, L.A. actually existed in 1947. But the city isn't a perfect recreation. The scale has been adjusted to fit the needs of the game's design and some areas have been altered to suit developer Team Bondi's artistic vision.

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2fk3024d ago

i cant wait for this!!!!

Serjikal_Strike3024d ago

same here...just counting down the days

Dee_913024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Wow its so crazy like during the time this game was announced I wasnt even that excited then the last few weeks Ive been somewhat excited and now its only 3 days away its finally hitting me !! lol
usually i feel this excited about a game from its announcement to its due date
this is weird lol

ReservoirDog3163024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I can't wait either but I'm gonna have to wait a day or two extra cause I won't be home on tuesday for release date delivery from amazon. So it'll be here thursday.

Either way, it's gonna be fun driving around 1940s LA seeing as I'm from LA. Slightly surreal. Was cool enough seeing locations inspired by real places like in GTA SA but actually remade? Can't wait.

Dsnyder3024d ago

Oh man I want this game.

InFAMOUS13024d ago

DITTO to the above! Tuesday can't come soon enough.

Xenial3024d ago

Looking good. They did a good job of re-creating the areas.

Outsider-G3024d ago

I hope this gets delivered to my place by Tuesday. I really want to play this game.

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