Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Screenshots

21 new screenshots from Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

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kookie3026d ago

What is new in this game

Kalowest3026d ago

"What is new in this game"
4 new characters, Tweaks, and I'm hoping for all the previews DLC.

jetlian3025d ago

dlc not really a game. it cost 15$ and comes out june 7th. I got 15 bucks on live right now! I hope people buy it

Knushwood Butt3025d ago

Does this have the TERRIBLE announcer from the first SF IV?

This is probably a make or break point for me. I can't stand that announcer (and whoever wrote his script should be shot), yet the only way to get rid of him is turn the voice volume right down, which makes all character voices silent too, which is not what I want but is the only way to get rid of him.

Knushwood Butt3025d ago

Answered my own question - just went to the arcade to try it out for myself.

There is an announcer, but it's a different one to the one in SF IV. Not as bad, but not much better either. Well, the voice actor is better, but the dialogue is still pretty awful. He doesn't seem to talk as much either.

So the situation has improved, but it's still not great.

That's something they never needed to change. Why have some announcer say pointless crap? Plus, they are never going to have more than a few variations, so they start repeating themselves in no time. And for what? It adds nothing.

Just give me, "Round one, fight!", please....

MoreRPG3025d ago

does anyone know if the new will be available for consoles

Ddouble3025d ago

Yes it will.
You can buy a dlc pack if you already own SSFIV or buy a copy of the whole game.

Ddouble3025d ago

There're listings on Amazon for a standalone copy coming out on June 28th.