God of War Portable Compilations on PS3

If the source is trustworthy, the fans of God of War series will be treated with another HD remake of God of War games.

SCET (Sony Computer Entertainment of Taiwan) has announced that both God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta will be available for PS3 this July.

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graciousd3026d ago

As a fan of God of War series, I would love to play these two best PSP games on my PS3. I am sure everyone else does too.

I_find_it_funny3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Hell yea! I dont have PSP

/edit yea I guess, I'll wait for the psp2 announcement and info if it's b/c, if not I'll get Psp for cheap

Zydake3026d ago

you should get it at least quick before the psp2 comes out because you missed out on some great games like MGS and GoW

RankFTW3026d ago

I have these both on PSP and they are great games, would welcome a chance to play them on my PS3 with trophies.

MisterAV3026d ago

they're good but not as good. GoW 1,2,3 are much better. Few puzzles, shorter, small environment,...
Buying a psp just for those two is...

Nitrowolf23026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

This July? IDk that just sounds way to soon of a release if you ask me. If this was true then wouldn't you expect a release further down?

if this is true then are we expecting it to be in HD but look the same or a full remake with GOW3 graphics and such?

Dragun6193026d ago

I think this would be more plausible if it was for NGP considering it would be a great launch title. Not sure about a PS3 port though but that be nice especially if it has trophies.

BattleAxe3026d ago


I loved Cains of Olympus, but I have yet to play Ghost of Sparta, so this would be perfect.

HolyOrangeCows3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I hope it's updated with GOW console controls.

"I loved Cains of Olympus, but I have yet to play Ghost of Sparta, so this would be perfect"

NiKK_4193026d ago

"I loved Cains of Olympus, but I have yet to play Ghost of Sparta, so this would be perfect"
Same here lol

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NobleGamer3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I already played both on the PSP. Ghost Of Sparta with Kratos Brother was especially good.

macky3013026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I am sold day1 ,.. though I doubt they have saved so much of high resolution data and assets(textures,models) as they had with gow1,2,.. but who knows,,.. damn GOW1,2 collection games look so incredible,..(they make fmv cut-scenes look like shit,.. that is how good GOW1 and2 look on PS3)

I would probably buy them both regardless,..

Redempteur3026d ago

well if tey have the asset they can rework the textures and remake the cutscènes for 1080p .
this will be very nice , the psp stick really diminished my enjoyment of chain of olympus ...

Blaze9293026d ago

Chains of Olympus was nothing special to be honest. I never finished Ghost of Sparta though

miyamoto3025d ago

this is awesome! more HD collections from PS, PS2, PSP, Sega Dreamcast, etc. please

TardcoreGamer3025d ago

heres hoping this rumor proves to be true, man!! Don't have a psp and I'm sure many people who otherwise aren't the portable type of gamer(me included) will be absolutely stoked to here this news. Next I hope for MGS:PW PS3 hd port...

flankhim3025d ago

We also need socom hd really bad!

showtimefolks3025d ago

but sony sees the potential for some psp games and i would not be surprised if more psp AAA games came out on ps3.

resistance retribution
mgs:peace walker(ps and also the other mgs game)

but i will get this GOW collection for sure.

any new on whether this is psn only or disk based too?

hopefully kojima will announce something about mgs:pw on ps3 and sony announce that all 4 games from ps2 jak series in hd 3 games story wise 4th being the combat racing)

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PirateThom3026d ago

If that's true, I would enjoy it because I love the series but, for some reason, never played the Portable Games.

NukaCola3026d ago

Chains of Olympus was great, but short. I haven't played Ghost of Sparta yet. I would scoop this up if it came to PSN.

RankFTW3026d ago

Ghost of Sparta is 10x better than Chains of Olympus, so yeah it's awesome heh.

InLaLaLand3026d ago

Story wise Ghost of Sparta is better, I was addicted to Chains of Olympus more than Ghost of Sparta. Chains of Olympus is shorter than Ghost of Sparta.

graciousd3026d ago

You should man. Both GoW:CoO and GoW:GoS have great story telling and gameplay.

DigitalAnalog3025d ago

It's just as short as the CoH, but man, the set pieces are quite unbelievable for a PSP title.

-End statement

Omar1st3026d ago

Ive played GOW : Chains of Olympus, did buy Ghost of Sparta too but havent got around to playing it yet. As a fan of the series, Id also love to see these come to PS3...

Raven_Nomad3026d ago

If this is true, I think no PS3 fanboy can ever call another series milked ever again.

RankFTW3026d ago

They can milk God of War forever in my eyes.

cyclonus0073026d ago

It's not the number of games that milks a series, it's the time between them. Three Guitar Heros in one year is milking a series. A CoD and Halo every year is milking a series. As much as I hate to say it, even Assassins Creed is being milked.

godslayer4293026d ago

i hope you choke on a ball of misery and anguish

morganfell3025d ago

Since when is porting the same game to another platform milking? You fail to grasp the definition or the intricate implications of the term "milking".

And by deduction, you would allow non-PS3 fans to term other series milked as if there is some sort of superiority allotted to those that have never had games ported to their favored platform.


How does not being a part of something allot you the sole right to label? By the same bent logic only peaceniks know about war and only virgins know what makes a partner good in bed.

Fez3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

It's a great thing for gamers... cos I haven't played these games, or the splinter cell trilogy, so for me they're great. But... they are definitely milking the in getting as much money out of them for the least amount of effort.

Smart business.

Killzone3___3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

no , milking means making the same game with only few things changed .. assassin creed is not milking because it have alots of improvment , but cod - halo are milked..

i would say god of war milked if it didn't have new things , if you played it you will understand , the gameplay doesn't have alots of new things but the story is amazing !! the game is soooo brutel , big , hard and hard , but not hard for me :P ..

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phoenixdown3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

i have every god of war game except the cell phone one lol.

@raven: stop crying.

edit @ raven: i like gears,halo, and call of duty and i think i would consider myself a ps3 FAN not fanboy. i have a 360 also but prefer my ps3.

Raven_Nomad3026d ago

"Stop crying" got it! I am going to use that line when all the PS3 fanboys complain about COD and talk about how milked Gears and Halo is....

Thanks for the tip!

MisterAV3026d ago

COD is for both console, gears is not milked but halo is a bit milked, many games and spinoff on only two consoles...

InLaLaLand3026d ago

I don't think Gears is milked. The game that is milked is Mario, Street Fighter and maybe Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku.