Retailers Trying To Lure Disgruntled PSN Users With Xbox 360 Deals

It might just be a mere coincidence, but a few deals have emerged that point to an even more aggressive pricing strategy to lure Sony users angered and disappointed by the Playstation Network security breach and subsequent downtime that's likely to last until the end of the month.

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SweetIvy3023d ago

The point is... Uncharted 3 blue-ray ain't gonna fit in it... no matter what :P.
Gamers don't own a 360 or PS3 because of their love (or hate) for MS or Sony but because of the games, you know!

newhumanbreed3022d ago

Some of us already own both due to exclusives :D

SweetIvy3019d ago

As do I: PS3, XBOX360, PSP, DSi :).
Lured into the Wii for Kirby and Mickey but haven't taken the step yet :).

LOGICWINS3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

The point reading just the first line of your comment, is that your immature.

SweetIvy3019d ago

Ever heard of sarcasm or using the language in a funny way to make fun of stupid things?

Of course it was written to sound funny because... seriously, the point of the article is just stupid and if you don't get the point of my comment... sorry about it.
It may either be because English is not my mother tongue or 'cause you need a tad of imagination ;).

Since the beginning of the year I have spent MANY, many hours playing games, among which I spent MANY hours with: Killzone 3, LBP2, Motorstorm: Apocalypse and SOCOM 4 - do you get my immature point?! ;).

leogets3023d ago ShowReplies(1)
DEADEND3022d ago

Once PSN is back online and Sony show there line up and price cut for the PS3 no one will even care or remember this ever happened. This year Sony has continued to out sell the 360 in worldwide sells and has pushed a ton of exclusive over the month's. E3 is going to be massive for Sony. From a ton of exclusives, price cut, NGP lineup and launch to a ton of other announcements. No one will care about this.

Boon Tarkas3022d ago

"No one will care about this"

Is this guy brainwashed or a stock-holder, you be the judge.

Here, consider it another way, "if your vehicles communication with the outside world had been cut for a month: radio, gps, sirius etc. would this just be deemed a fairly minor inconvenience.Would it all end up be alright: "Cause, you know, Ford is really cool and will do good by me in the end".

I highly doubt it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: "Sony aint your grandma."

Like any major corporation beholden to its stock-holders they will give out as little in compensation as they possibly can.

And understand this, I don't have an ax to grind against Sony. I want competition. However, the cult-like devotion of some PS3 owners, with their ardent faith in the PS3s second coming is ...well disturbing.

Pintheshadows3022d ago

As is the unbridled stupidity of the Doomsayers.

Anyone with common sense isn't blowing it out of proportion. And before you say FANBOY it has happened to me previously with Mastercard. It took them 4 months to inform me.

GarandShooter3022d ago

Nice analogy. Could there possibly be a difference with a luxury item, such as the PS3, and a necessity for me to earn a living, such as my automobile?

gamingdroid3022d ago

People sure forgot about Toyota's break troubles THAT WAS LATER UNFOUNDED!

Yep, they slipped a whole 3% marketshare from 17%:

MS was on a huge roll until RROD happened. People sure haven't forgotten about that...

It's not going to bring Sony crashing down, but it certainly affects the company's reputation.

Blacksand13022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

"Nobody"and I mean "nobody" can be that stupid to trade there system in for a Wii or Xbox it only been a few weeks and people acting like the world is about to end, some of us pay to get online you have a right to be mad. The rest of us go online for free you don't have no reason to be mad you go online for free. The system will be back on soon and we will be better portected when Sony heavy hitter's come out later year.

KratosGod33022d ago ShowReplies(2)
CtrlAltDel3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

""Nobody"and I mean "nobody" can be that stupid to trade there system in for a Wii or Xbox it only been a few weeks and people acting like the world is about to end some of us pay to get online you have a right to be mad."

Well...idk...Sony was that stupid enough not to have proper security on both PSN & SOE...

Just saying...

But have brand loyalty in these days is just dumb!

Smart CONSUMERS will always keep their options open and go for what fits their needs AND their budget. They are quick to change brands based on what/which company provides them with the better features/servcice.

Regular consumers will follow the market and get whatever is most popular.

Fanboys will burn with their chosen company.

blackburn103022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Your still saying that. No proof of it so far but your still stating it like it is fact.What does everyone have against me having one console? So I must run out and buy every console in sight or something is wrong with me? I like my PS3.So what? Why MUST I run out and buy a 360? In case PSN goes again? To play some stupid online centered 360 games while Microsoft forces you to pay of online? @ MrBeatdown that is what these so called 'journalists' do. They say something and try to cover up their incompetence with statements like 'it could be true' or 'it could be a coincidence'.

Real journalists state facts, not speculation, not fiction, not rumors. FACT.Because if a real journalist says something without any proof or sources or facts his butt will be in a sling and he would be writing apologies to everyone he wronged.

Death3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

If you are happy owning only one console, that is all that matters. Not saying you specifically, but when console x only owners tell others they are stupid or their product is junk or doesn't sell enough, that is where the issue is. I am sure there are some people that simply don't like any or enough games on a competing system to justify buying it, but any gamer should follow the games and not the console. We own our consoles because of the games not the games because of the console.


Boon Tarkas3022d ago

""Nobody"and I mean "nobody" can be that stupid to trade there system in for a Wii or Xbox it only been a few weeks..."

If being stupid in your mind entails taking back something that is broken for an alternative product then you seriously have a rude awakening coming to you when you move out of your parent's basement.

Blacksand13022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I'm a grown man and I have a wife and Kid's, Car note, bill's and every thing else. Yes I have one console. The one, I think the best out there. I Paid over $700 when the PS3 came out in (07). I could've brought a Xbox at the time in (05-06). It had the RROD and people like you stuck by the 360. I waited for the PS3 to come out the next year. All i'm just say why trade your console in because Sony having a problem is stupid, when it come back up the same people will be going to buy a new PS3 again when the system come back online.

GarandShooter3022d ago

Brand loyalty is everywhere these days, and the vast majority would not agree with you that it's dumb. People have their favorite restaurants, soda brands, beer brands, clothing brands, sports teams, etc. What is truly dumb is you generalizing and attempting to speak for 'smart consumers'.

There are some things people are willing to bend on, or switch from, and others they hold steadfast onto. I'll even wager there are some brands you use continuously and wouldn't want to switch from...which would seem a little hypocritical.

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