Valve: "No existing plan for Source Engine 2"

Develop-Online: Significant improvements coming to the tech, but Valve won’t join engine licensing fray

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InFAMOUS13024d ago

I posted this interview 5 mins ago....

NobleGamer3023d ago

what ...this means no Half Life 3 in making? As they better not make it with the outdated source engine...

thor3023d ago

Damn straight it's outdated. There has to be some point at which you say enough is enough. The engine has been around since 2004 ffs. Valve are rolling around in more than enough cash to be able to develop a new engine rather than using the same one for HL2, all the episodes, Portal, L4D, L4D2, Portal 2....

I heard the source engine still has code from the original quake, too...

Reibooi3023d ago

my bet is that they will make a new engine when a new Half-Life comes out. Not a episode or anything and new FULL Half-life.

Which means at this point in time they are not working on a 3rd half-life(I hope they are at least working on Ep3).

I personally don't mind the source engine. It's a really polished engine and from a technical standpoint it's great. It's looks may be a bit dated but they aren't ugly by any means.

wallis3024d ago

Do they not realize it's hardly the pinnacle of graphics any more?

Ducky3024d ago

It's hardly at the bottom of the barrel either.

Valve isn't known for high-tier graphics (Source was amazing at launch though, but that was mostly due to the water effects and the physics).
Graphics ain't their thing.

reznik_zerosum3023d ago

but what about HL:Ep3/HL3 ?
now we know HL3 will not happen because i doubt that they wiil make it with old engine,only HLEP3 and that suck,we waited to long for just a another 4 hours episode

Pandamobile3023d ago

Stop playing the console versions of their games, then. Portal 2 on PC looked gorgeous.

gillri3023d ago

meh just looked like cleaner sharper version, not enough difference to call one gorgeous and not give that name to the other

KeiserSosay47883023d ago

Exactly pandamobile, just because it looked average on consoles doesn't mean it looked bad on PC. I personally was very surprised at how nice portal 2 PC looked. I even thought the ps3 version looked pretty good.

STONEY43023d ago

"meh just looked like cleaner sharper version, not enough difference to call one gorgeous and not give that name to the other"

There's a huge difference when you're not just looking at screenshots. and actually playing it. Same could be said for Bulletstorm, Cryisis 2, BF:BC2, and a bunch of others.

Sure, you see a comparison article, it appears PC looks *slightly* better, then you move on. But I've played both versions of many games, and the difference is really night and day.

And please, the difference between 1280x720 at 30fps and 1920x1080 with 8xAA and 60fps is hardly "slightly sharper", or smoother.

NarooN3023d ago

I have Portal 2 on PC and PS3, and can run Portal 2 maxed on my PC. The only way Portal 2 looked better on PC is an obvious higher native resolution and better AA and AF. It's not like it was a mind-blowing difference or anything.

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ProjectVulcan3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Although arguably not cutting edge, it has more than enough technology to enable valve to create some quality games and excellent artwork assets. They always add gradual updates to make sure it does not become too outdated.

The other side of the coin is that let us not forget for the visual quality it can provide, it is extremely well optimised on the PC platform in particular.

Find another engine that still looks that good but runs well on pitifully slow hardware? If you can't have the best looking engine out there, then at least make sure what you have runs well. Source runs really, really well....

Burning_Finger3023d ago

I think Valve are more focused and concerned on the Gameplay rather than the graphics.

ILikeTurtles3023d ago

I like their source engine :)
Anyone who need better graphics than the source engine at max settings is a graphics whore.

Chnswdchldrn3023d ago

imo the source engine as seen in Half life 2 still topples over many of the graphics in games we see today. its one of the most versatile and refined engines out there, at least that is what I can infer from all the community created content spawning from it. SOurce engine 2 for all I care can come out with Half life 3, way way way in the future, because the source engine right now is still one of the best out there

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The story is too old to be commented.