Gabe Newell on Valve

The PC games pioneer bares all on Valve's unique dev culture, and shares his grand plan for the future.

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InFAMOUS14401d ago

Can we approve this? I just wanna get my third submission ;) Please?

Bear_Grylls4401d ago

Approved regardless of report nazi report :-)

Congrats on your 3rd.

ssj2gohan834401d ago

Made the final approval for you.

ATiElite4400d ago

So they roll your ass right on out the door when you make a bad game./JK

how about all Valve personnel roll their desk to the Half Life 2 episode 3 team and solve that problem of getting the game out soon, not Valve soon but regular soon as in the next 6 months.

Bear_Grylls4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

With the new Gabe Newell Grill You can knock out the fat.

"With it's patented designed Valve the fat content of your food drains literary into Gabe's mouth via an internal Portal."

Riveting stuff from Babe on the future.