Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 86: Features Vs Games, Which Do You Prefer?

Blade206, DCI and WorseCase come together once again to bring you the most entertaining podcast on the net. In today’s episode, we talk about the following:

- Microsoft Buys Skype for 8.5 Billion

- Heavenly Sword 2 Announced

- Sony Denies May 31st Return impressions

- Have you been going back to play your older PS3 games since PSN downtime

- Do you feel that it’s necessary to buy every game that comes out?

- Price of video games

- Brink

- Do you think Starhawk will Revive the PSN?

- Will Microsoft have anything for E3?

- Features Vs Games, Which would you prefer?

- As always, we have a Step Ya Game Up and more

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WorseCase3026d ago

I'd like a Mixture of both, nothing wrong with features, but I'd like to have New IP's at the sametime.

Punch-o3026d ago

Love the podcast! "Blunt and a sandwich" damn lmao!

Tripl3seis3026d ago

damn its been a while i love this podcast.

blade2063026d ago

add me on psn when it gets up or xbl blade206 on both systems

macky3013026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

why would we have xbl,.. makes no god damn sense blade,,..
It is good you are enjoying your young kid's console though,..My 5 year old PC, probably plays 99 percent of their library,..360 is still a shit,..I'd rather buy a second wii,..

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