Head2Head- Portal 2 analysis (Lens of Truth)

Welcome Back for another exciting Screenshot Comparison! This week We’ve finished up our Analysis on one of this years most anticipated games, and that is Valve’s Portal 2. Thanks again to our partners over at, Play-N-Trade Oviedo, FL, for lending us our test copies. Ever since or H2H Screenshot Comparison of Portal 2, you, our users, have felt that one system seemed to have this H2H in the bag. Were you correct? Find out below!

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Solidus187-SCMilk3024d ago

VALVE really did a good job on the PS3 version. People probably would get PS3 version anyways to play with people on PC.

lociefer3024d ago

now imagine if valve recreated the orange box for the ps3

fluffydelusions3024d ago

PC version destroys both though (graphically). I beat SP on PS3 but after PSN went down I played the coop on PC and wow looked WAYYYY better.

yewles13024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

*sigh* Butthurt that the 360 version lost so you retreat to the obvious PC for a security blanket. Typical... lol

artynerd3024d ago

@yewles1 seriously? PC will ALWAYS have the upper hand with graphics. ALWAYS.

People shouldn't even compare consoles to PC because it's not fair - PC is open-ended, so you can spend $20,000 on a gaming rig that could run a triple monitor setup in 3d with 2160p/120fps across the board and 7.1 surround. If you honestly think a PS3 can hold a candle to a state-of-the-art PC, you are seriously delusional.

That said, I HATE gaming on a PC because I work all day at home on my PC and the last thing I want to do is game here as well. That, and a game controller is way more comfortable than mouse/keyboard.

If you want to compare, do it 360 vs PS3 and leave PC out of it because it always wins. Personally, I don't care because like I said, I love the convenience and price point of consoles, so I'll take a hit on graphics to enjoy them on my 360 or PS3.

starchild3024d ago

yewles1, your comment was ignorant. From what I have seen plbelanger is more of a PS3/PC fan than a 360 fan.

Never mind the fact that he is absolutely correct. If you had played the PC version you would know that it looks far better than the console versions.

People can compare whatever they want. Facts are facts. It is up to you whether you care about those facts.

Myze3024d ago


"People can compare whatever they want. Facts are
facts. It is up to you whether you care about those facts."

The real fact is the game's graphics are suitable to the game, but nothing amazing, nor did it need to be. The real fact is that 99.9% of Portal 2's greatness is the humor/voice acting and the gameplay, graphics mean next to nothing in this game. (just for the record, I bought the ps3 version and played/beat it on the PC, since the mouse/keyboard works better for controls than a controller since it's pretty much an FPS setup)

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RudeSole Devil3024d ago

Yeah I picked this up for the PS3 and thank god for that!

Joe Bomb3024d ago

No brainer here, even without PSN right now, the PS3 wins.

RandomDude6553024d ago

Just rented on ps3....looks so good

matt_hooper3024d ago

Can't wait to get this. Just waitin for $29.99.

SuperKing3024d ago

Wait until it's cheaper, it won't take too long anyway.

archemides5183024d ago

DUDE it is 29.99 at kmart right now, on sale this week until sunday.

wsoutlaw873024d ago

i bought mine at 35 on amazon like a week ago, but the price went up to 40 since then i think. I got it free with all my preorder bonuses

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The story is too old to be commented.