Taking The Blue Pill aka The Future Of Gaming

GP blogger, LoneWolf writes, "Fast forward from the Virtual Boy about a decade and a half and you have the Virtual Man, well it’s actually called Virtusphere (image seen above), but you got to admit Virtual Man sounds cooler. Now than the Virtual Man comes from the same country as some of my other favorite things namely Vodka and Tetris, by the way mixing those together will result in every piece looking like a square so you probably shouldn’t, anyway of course I was talking about Russia. I’m sure gaming companies are already trying to figure out how to do the same thing as Ray and Nurulla Latypov (the Virtual Mans two daddys) in a smaller form factor, but at the moment they are the only ones with this design on the market. Of course the Virtual Man is revolutionary, but let’s be honest who has the space for a 10 foot soccer ball and more importantly 35 grand, just so they can play games in a more immersive environment, heck I just checked and I don’t even have 35 dollars in my wallet at the moment I’m writing this. However lucky for us gamers for every expensive piece of hardware there is always a poor mans version, so let’s go find the Molotov Cocktail equivalent to the Grenade that is the Virtual Man."

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