Starhawk is 'like Gears of War without the cover system'

GamesRadar: Starhawk is coming. Warhawk's successor has emerged in shakycam footage, screenshots and a press release. But you want more than that, don't you? Well, we have hands-on information from someone who's actually played the game. He describes it as being highly reminiscent of Halo as you and your colleagues leap out of vehicles and settle into combat, but 'like Gears of War without the cover system' when you're fighting on the ground. This is going to be good...

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EYEamNUMBER13022d ago

"Starhawk is 'like Gears of War without the cover system"

that sounds really terrible already

qface643022d ago

i agree gears of war without the cover system actually is really terrible (dull)

qface643022d ago

that has nothing to do with what i said but ok??

SoapShoes3022d ago

Troll Police is right... This is nothing like Halo or Gears and honestly it looks better. If anything this is more like a sci-fi battlefield but even that isn't an accurate statement.

Building bases, walls, etc on the fly looks very awesome.

iamnsuperman3022d ago

Comparing to Gears???? really????. It offer more than Gears in one way and Gears offers more in other ways. They are just both alien third person shooters. I am defiantly looking forward to this game

guitarded773022d ago

I think it's more like Warhawk with a campaign.

joydestroy3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

yah i'm not sure how people are figuring it looks like Gears...

the first thing i thought was like everyone else, Red Faction/C&C/Mech/Transform ers + Warhawk

Greywulf3022d ago

Starhawk has Gears & Halo trumped as far as unique gameplay here. More like red faction if anything...?

Gears didn't invent third person, nor the cover system.

Halo didn't invent the First Person view.

GamesRadar is up to their usual shit

rob60213022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

This topic title is like saying: "Starhawk is just trying to be a Gears of War ripoff, but since Gears of War is the greatest game on the market - maybe it'll turn out good" The guy throws in Halo references too, it's quite obvious what he thinks is defacto the best multiplayer. This game looks a lot like a PS3 game called WARHAWK, which didn't really resemble gears or Halo that much - I don't think the author ever even played it.

Foliage3021d ago

I missed out on Warhawk, so Starhawk is pretty tempting.

And Gears 1 was my favourite 360 exclusive (if you don't count Mass Effect 2).

MaxXAttaxX3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )


I have a feeling the title was taken completely out of context.

You can't do any of that in Gears. And the gameplay is much more unique.
The author apparently has never played other games aside from Gears.

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iHEARTboobs3022d ago

"but 'like Gears of War without the cover system' when you're fighting on the ground"

Dee_Cazo3022d ago

Does that mean more running around with shotguns disregarding all other weapons.

Believe it or not if it isnt gorey enough I dont think people will be thrilled.

-Mezzo-3022d ago

Ahh Pathetic GamesRadar, it's amazing how they can't say anything Bad about their experience with the Game, So what they do is Label it as a Wanna be "Halo & Gears".

MidnytRain3022d ago

Stop making stuff up, no one said that.

rob60213022d ago

He didn't make that up, I got the same impression from the article. The article compares the game to Gears and Halo - as if Halo and Gears are the best multiplayer games out there. It's like he's saying this game might be pretty good - but let's remember 360 has the best multiplayer games. If the journalist wanted to be impartial he would have compared it to the original WarHawk on PS3.


Key word there rob "impression"

Its your own fault if you form your own idealistic opinion of what is being said.

Like it or not Gears & Halo are popular games and other games will be compared to them.

iHEARTboobs3022d ago

Looks like no one read the article.

princejb1343022d ago

warhawk was a excellent game and i have no doubt this game will be excellent also

Joni-Ice3022d ago

I think people need to play more games and not the same two or three games. There is more to life than Gears, COD, and Halo. They did NOT invent 1st or 3rd person.

soundslike3022d ago

could flip it around the other way too.

If people have only played warhawk/ucharted/resistance they are obviously going to think in those terms.

I can see where they might have got a halo impression with the buggy's and honestly, thats not a bad thing at all. Thats just how they see it. Halo may put a lot of people off, but they do have very good vehicle physics so I think it was purely a compliment rather than flamebait.

Joni-Ice3022d ago

I have over 250 games. I dont see how this looks like Gears.

Venom2153022d ago

you have got to be kidding me starhawk its like gears then gaylo(halo)is like call of fuckin inbasol....

metsgaming3022d ago

that sounds like the worst description i have ever heard in the history of games lol. These people are always saying all 3rd person shooters are like gears, news flash third person shooters existed way before gears and so did cover.

Speakindatruth3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Nice way to use the number one spot. Get a lot of disagrees by trolling.
If you like trolling you're perfect for 4chan, or a gaming site where you think negative attention actually counts as positive.

Uzesgelen_Goo3021d ago

gears are like warhawk with cover system & without vehicals
hows this sounds?

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slavish33022d ago ShowReplies(1)
Alpha_Gamer3022d ago

Starhawk doesn`t look anything like Gears of War :/

Misterhbk3022d ago Show
jizzyjones3022d ago

It looks more like Starcraft2 except ur in 3rd person actually controlling things form the ground

KwietStorm3022d ago

That actually makes sense.

despair3022d ago

they even have the Viking like units to use.