Call of Duty: Why Has It Stayed On Top?

G4: "Call of Duty has managed to achieve its top spot on the first-person-shooter totem pole by maintaining accessibility and simplicity, playing off our fascinations, building a stable community, and exploiting the nature of the hardcore video game audience. But exactly how did they do this?"

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the_kutaragi_baka3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Young adult (primarily American) males like guns, war and violence. Mix that with a casual gamers+ huge marketing push at that = COD success.

Angels37853019d ago

What games these day don't have guns, war or violence? Americans mainly? PLEASE, EVERYBODY plays some sort of a violent game. The main thing I agree with you on is that its CASUAL thats why COD gamers like it and can't play any other game without it being HARD or as the call it "BAD".

DarkSpawnClone3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

actually i think the biggest reason is because cod is so simple to pick up and play and its fast paced action you don't have that much of a learning curve..there are no helicopters to fly that are difficult to controller (like in BFBC2...i love flying that heli but a lot of people fail at it,they fly for like 5 seconds and then they crash XD)..the cod maps are small so you don't need to look hard for people to kill..gotta think too there are a lot of people who actually have a job and they don't have time to play some thing like mass effect they just want to jump on some thing easy like cod where they can get in a few games and be done..i don't know why cod haters complain so much really there are plenty of games out there that are better and more fun to play.. why waste your time bashing cod go play some thing else who cares about Cod...i my self don't mind it but I'm probably skipping out on mw3 Blop was a big let down for me i got it for split screen and zombies(which sucks on blops imo) i gave them enough chances it's time to move on to Battlefield 3 and other games :P

gcolley3017d ago

mainstream. just think blockbuster movie and you have your answer. not really that hard. i could elaborate but i think the question is a bit obvious