Modern Warfare 3 mega-leak: Exciting news or mean-spirited sabotage?

GamesRadar - Okay I'll get straight to the point here, in case you don't already know. Kotaku has acquired what appears to be every bit of information a leak-hunter could want about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If it's legit, and it looks like it could be, then everything is there. I mean everything. The entire storyline, all the new and returning characters, the new multiplayer maps and modes, all the geographical settings, a bunch of weapon renders and a stack of screens. Everything.

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Emilio_Estevez3024d ago

It could be sabotage, didn't think of that.


Despite of the possibility of sabotage, I don't know why people are so surprised that everything is there... Everything should be there, it's been there for the last 4 fucking years, the same damn game with minor changes.

Just when you think gaming is evolving, the arguable "biggest" game of the year is developed in a glorified palette swap scheme.

Bear_Grylls3023d ago

I keep telling people that they will get there next steaming pile of feces in October.

Just like the last three years.

tdogchristy903024d ago

I thought it might be fake at first but after reading it and having so much detail its hard to believe that it's not partial factual.

Kakasquall3023d ago

Honestly, who didn't expect details to get leaked about this game?

Dart893023d ago

In my opinion i think they did this on purpose to start the hype.

Neko_Mega3023d ago

They are doing it for hype and I already seen a guy that act like MW3 was coming out the next day (Or another way to put it, he was like a little kid in a candy store).

To bad IW isn't making it and we don't know the full info on who is making and if it is really a COD game.

Plus it doesn't help that no one has came out and said MW3 is being made by them.

Urrakia343023d ago

Infinity Ward is developing the single player along with Sledgehammer I believe. Multiplayer is being handled by Raven Software.

debian_zac3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I don't see how a leak could damage a games sells. more info for the consumer prior to release is a great thing. I'm sorry but publishers and developers need to move away from the hype sells idea and go back to great games sell. If the removal of hype damages sells than they need to rework how they market their game.

edit: i agree with neko and believe this is just a stunt to produce hype, however my opinion still stands and i don't think hype should sell games.

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