Why are gamers who play as snipers selfish players? writes: "What is it about the sniper rifle that produces selfish attitudes within a player who would otherwise be helpful to their teammates if they chose a different class or different weapon? Why do gamers suddenly feel the urge to go lone wolf whenever they pick up a sniper rifle? Personally, I believe it is the nature of the weapon that makes gamers become selfish once they pick up the rifle. See, the thing is the sniper rifle is unique in that it is the only weapon in which a player can be deadly without having to be in your face because it allows you to be anonymous and feared all in the same thought."

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Emilio_Estevez3025d ago

As long as they can work as a team it's fine with me. It's when you have 10 snipers and 2 guys actually trying to do something that it becomes a problem.

fear883024d ago

Sniping isn't always bad though. Like you said, if they work in a team its okay. I actually will do sniping but I don't camp. I actually move on the map and when my team is getting flanked I provide cover fire to draw attention and allow my team mates to get to a better advantage point.

When someone else is doing the sniping I will take another role as an engineer or just basic smg infantry and just draw fire from the opposition because I know for all the time I could try (and fail) to make kills, my team will get a far better shot when the opposition is entirely focused on getting rid of me.

Christopher3025d ago

Why do people make generalized statements about a particular group of people?

Freddy_Millz13024d ago

When I sniped in MW, i got yelled at for getting a 50-0 kill streak.

When I sniped in BFBC2, I got yelled at by my own team for... spotting too much. "Dude, i was gonna kill him but you gave away his position and the other guy got him!"

On behalf of all the COMPETENT snipers everywhere who actually do their jobs, I would just like to say....blow be!

DarkSpawnClone3024d ago

hmm i never felt like there where good places to snipe in any call of duty me cod isn't meant for sniping ..but in BFBC2 it was fun tho i wish i could set up a team of people and have a sniper cover and spot people for us while a medic,assault,and engineer make there way to an objective just don't see people playing like that ;/

Tapioca Cold3024d ago

Snipers are pussies. Snipers NEVER win. My team never loses in BBC2 because the other teams always haS 10,000 pussy snipers doing nothing but hiding. They ruined Killzone 3 too. Cloaking and pussiness.

Snipers NEVER win. NEVER.

caseh3020d ago

They are worse on KZ3 because of the cloaking aspect. For me its because there are so many scrubs who snipe, people who finish with like 5-20...but those 5 kills happened to be against you.

Can't really argue with an effective sniper, yeah it may be sly way to play but if they are finishing with a ridiculous number of kills they are doing something right, not a complete waste of a team mate.