Starhawk Spreads Its Wings With Over 60 Screenshots and Art

Although we pretty much knew Starhawk was coming for a long, long time, it was reassuring to see it officially announced exclusively for the PlayStation 3. What we didn’t expect, was such a far departure from Warhawk. The game isn’t the same old multiplayer deathmatch with some vehicles and aircraft thrown in the mix. No. Starhawk is about building a brigade and executing a strategy to take down your opponents. Warhawk jets are gone, and in its place come “Hawks” mech suits your character can control, which transform into machines of mass aerial destruction.

It’s a lot to take in at once, I know. So to make it a little easier for you, we’ve got over 60 screenshots of gameplay with some game art that’ll really give you a good idea of all that’s possible in Starhawk‘s brave new world.

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doctorstrange3020d ago

Now that's what I call a gallery.

At first when I saw Starhawk I was put off by the change, but now my brain has got used to it, it's starting to grow on me.

user94220773020d ago


Loved Warhawk so much.

ZBlacktt3020d ago

Anyone else see a lot of Command and Conquer in this game? I played that series for 8 years. Building things, mining for ore....

doctorstrange3020d ago

C&C meets Red Faction meets Warhawk

Zydake3020d ago

That's exactly what i thought

ZBlacktt3020d ago

Yep, was thinking that as well. Love Red Faction. If more played the online part now. I would have plated that game. Meanwhile, countless hours in these two.

MidnytRain3020d ago

These are just stills from the gameplay videos. I recommend not giving the website hits for this.

Zydake3020d ago

Something against PSlifestyle?

So far from the time I've been using N4G they've seemed to be a very reliable source.

MidnytRain3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I have nothing against PSlifestyle, but it's pointless to have images taken right from trailers; one might as well watch the videos. The site is boasting 60+ pictures, but they aren't new and can be seen in full action with audio on the front page. I don't hold grudges against websites, but I do call them out if they try to get easy (see: lazy) hits.

Zydake3020d ago

Oh I see what you mean now .

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