How Nintendo Ruined the 3DS Launch

"I just want to start off by saying that I bought (at launch) and still own a 3DS and absolutely love it. This article is just here to tell you where Nintendo went wrong, and they did so in a lot of places, unnecessarily."- FlipDock

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maxcavsm3017d ago

I wonder if this is what Project Cafe launch is going to look like? All third party crap and no online components working?

Misterhbk3017d ago

A summer release would have been good, but then again, thats usually not a period of time where we see huge releases such as a system launch. So I'll say September would have been perfect. Just after summer, right before the holiday season to create buzz and plenty of great titles to pick up.

But I doubt Nintendo would have wanted to release so close to the NGP. They would rather get the head start I'm sure. Sells will pick up as more games are released, but as we draw closer and closer to E3 where we'll find out the final details (we assume) about the NGP they may lose sales.

That being said, I'm satisfied with my 3DS at the moment, just not ANY of the games. Pokemon Black and White is beginning to get old.

LiamIRL823017d ago

The 3ds wasn't ready for a March release. Nintendo were put under pressure to release it before the end of the last financial year (March 31st) to please stockholders. they would have been better off releasing in the autumn when they would have had better games ready

TheColbertinator3017d ago

Haven't bought a 3DS yet but Nintendo needs some good games to get my attention.