The Importance Of Starhawk’s Single Player Campaign

Geek Revolt writes "Starhawk features a single player mode with it’s own protagonist. This is a departure from it’s spiritual predecessor Warhawk, which was a multiplayer only affair. While the multiplayer in Starhawk is sure to keep PS3 gamers busy next year, the solo campaign shouldn’t be ignored. Here’s why it’s an important aspect to the future of the franchise."

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MidnytRain3021d ago

I have to say that this looks great. I tried out Warhawk and I really couldn't get into it, but this "Build and Battle" system looks like a shot of steroids into a promising title. Should I decide to pick it up, I will be taking advantage of everything the game has to offer, not just the multiplayer. I don't see how people can do that.

ATiElite3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I still haven't played the Bad Company 2 Sp campaign yet and i had the game since day 2. Nothing against it it's that the MP is so dam good.

but yeah Starhawk looks to have a tremendous SP campaign that needs to be enjoyed.


I'm Sorry..Not...enough....time..A arrg! too many other games right now.

MidnytRain3021d ago

Play it! Lest I judge you. You have 24 hours 11 minutes.

telekineticmantis3021d ago

should hopefully be flushed out and have a good mix, as well as give us good background on Graves.

Alos883021d ago

I bet it'll be near impossible to get all the trophies, just like Warhawk.