PSP is Still King

Japan’s obsession for the classic handheld device by Sony shows no signs of stopping. Last week, the PSP almost doubled the sales of the 3DS. The top 10 hardware sales have been listed below.

1: PSP - (54,882)
2: 3DS - (29,149)
3: PS3 - (23,954)
4: Wii - (11,520)
5: DSi LL - (10,519)
6: DSi – (8,708)
7: X360 – (3,419)
8: PS2 – (1,696)
9: DS Lite – (289)
10: PSP Go – (258)

Since there have been no software releases, sales are a little slower this week than they usually would be. Dragon Quest Monsters claimed top space, selling over double the amount of Patapon 3, which held second place. Other top title holders include Pro Baseball Spirits 2011, Final Promise Story, and 2nd super Robot Wars Z.

Although this news is certainly good for the PSP, it does raise some questions about the 3DS. Nintendo reported that their sales were well below average, but no one expected the PSP sales to double the 3DS so soon after its launch, especially considering that PSP has been around for quite a while.

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barb_wire3024d ago

Those are impressive, all 5 Nintendo devices combined numbers only just beat the PSP numbers.. who've thought that the PSP would sell so strong.

darthv723024d ago

because its cheaper than a 3ds? Practically everyone else already has the ds/dsl/dsi in one way or another.

kjordanreyna3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Thats the same as saying everyone has an ipone.

darthv723024d ago

the 3ds is going through the typical sales growth every new system has gone through when compared to a product available by the same company.

Sony faced it with the ps2 when the ps1 was king. They are facing it with the ps3. You eventually hit that saturation point where you cant go any more and you turn to the next thing.

DS is approaching (if it hadnt already) its saturation point. Now the focus is on the 3ds which will surpass ds sales (it already is on a regular basis) in time.

Everybody wants to jump to the end result and never wants to do the hard work it takes to achieve that result.

Darth Stewie3023d ago

Same can be said about the PS3 and Wii but PS3 outsells the Wii

Solidus187-SCMilk3024d ago

Japan loves portable systems and the PSP has a much bigger library and is at a much better price then 3DS for sure.

kramun3024d ago

It's because the games haven't really hit yet for the 3ds, as soon as they turn up watch the sales rocket.

Aarix3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Wow XD feel sorry for the go...NOT
The lack of UMD support made it pretty petty.

Close_Second3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I prefer the Go. Having a dozen games on internal storage will beat UMD any day of the week for me. However, since Sony dropped the Go I have gone off Sony's PSP and NGP. Why should I support Sony when they did not support me (a Go owner).

Trevonn3024d ago

if games are still reeased on the ps store y r u complaining

Close_Second3024d ago

1. PSN has been down for 3 weeks.
2. You can't get most of the games you can for PSP on UMD.
3. Games are more expensive on PSN than UMD.

That enough reasons for you?

Aarix3024d ago

i have about 30 UMD's and Digital download prices dont go down

stealth500k3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

"it does raise some questions about the 3DS."
It doesnt raise a single question the ds was getting triple outsold by the gba and psp because the gba was cheaper and the psp had better launch titles than the ds.

"Nintendo reported that their sales were well below average"
They never said that they were dissapointed about the sales ever. they said they were dissapointed about not hitting the benchmark for units sold. Iwata said sales were good and smooth

more sensationlism

The 3ds is the only system with positive growth for the past 2 weeks and is outselling the ds worldwide at the same point in time. The ds would of killed to be in second place this early in japan

Give me a break.

And the guy even inflated the ps3 number to make sony look better. The ps3 went down 3k units this week. It wasnt 23k

# 1. PSP: 54,882
# 2. 3DS: 29,149
# 3. PS3: 20,883

Burning_Finger3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Wait till the NGP is out on the market...

darthv723024d ago

It will take some time because you have so many people who have committed to buying the original that they wont go out and get the ngp right away.

People often forget that competition isnt just between one company product and another. It is also internal between products from the same company.

NGP isnt just competing with nintendo units but also the psp as well.

Big-Boss3024d ago

how do you know u gt the ngp yet

Ddouble3024d ago

I think the NGP can come out of the box well if it's priced right, has a good selection of launch titles and also marketed well.

Japan's in love with Monster Hunter and they showed it running well on the NGP especially with the extra analogue stick to control the camera. Maybe if they promote that aspect as well as the other things above it could do well initially and make the transition from PSP to NGP easier.

The main barrier though is how would you port your PSP library to the NGP?

darthv723024d ago

dont be foolish in making that kind of comment. Regardless of its availability it is just simple consumer economics.

If you buy something and something better comes out people generally dont want to buy the newer model right away. They want to get something out of the investment they just made.

I will get the ngp when it comes out because i want it and also because I have been a psp user since it came out. These new buyers may/may not look at it the same way. Especially when we are talking about a couple hundred $$$ for these things.

In time we will see the sale of the psp slow and the ngp will surpass it. That is just the natural evolution of things. Has been for years.

Like i said...NGP will be competing against the psp when it comes out, not just the nintendo units. The availability, software and most importantly..price are all factors people consider. If NGP comes out at $299 and the original PSP is at $99....which do you think will sell more?

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