Spy Party Beta is Coming. Rejoice!

Jeffrey Matulef writes, "More to the point, Spy Party looks fantastic. I had the pleasure of demoing it at PAX Prime and it certainly stood out as being one of the best games at the show. An "isometric" multiplayer game between two players where one acts as a spy at a dinner party, and the other is a sniper assigned to murder them. The spy is tasked with a set number of objectives like planting a bug on someone or swapping out statues, and they have to blend in with the AI so their actions don't look suspicious. The key to all this is that any action they take, be it sipping a drink, examining a statue, or looking at one's watch (which extends the time limit for the spy to carry out their objectives) is something AI people do too, so no single action is inconspicuous in and of itself. It's only suspicious based on when you carry these tasks out (for example checking one's watch just before the time limit is about to run out a dead giveaway)."

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