Aliens: Colonial Marines coming this November?

DasReviews writes: "Wow. Now this was unexpected. An alleged Gamestop document has revealed the release date of the much anticipated Gearbox game, Aliens: Colonial Marines."

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ZombieAssassin3023d ago

I want to believe this so much but I just can't.

RedDead3023d ago

Hope this is good, is supposed to be alot like L4D right? Except with Aliens of course

Gen0ne3023d ago

Please Gaming Gods... let this be true.

Guard7193023d ago

The release date for colonial marines, 11/11/11, has been placed there for months. I want to believe this a lot to. And maybe there's a chance. Take a look at Duke Nukem Forever. Makes a surprise appearance at PAX Prime in September and is coming out in June. on that note, if Duke Nukem, TRON Legacy, and Gran Turismo 5 have proved anything, believe. Miracles can happen.

k4rma3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Sega already confirmed in January's Game Informer magazine that the November release date is false. Why do people keep posting online store dates as reliable information?

Unless its official from the publisher or developer then its 100% unreliable. Stores do not have up to date information.

This game will most likely see a 2012 release.

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