Why Starhawk might be revolutionary for the PS3

Gamersmint: Not many people played Warhawk . It was one of the most original and fun games ever released for the PSN. Yes, it didn’t have a single player mode, it was a PSN exclusive which was released on Disc as well. If you have played Warhawk, you should know it was one of the most hardest games to get into. When the game was released, PSN was at a growing stage, very barebones.

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RedDead3023d ago

I think the reason Warhawk is not talked about so much and all is because it was back when Ps3 wasn't so great, it was expensive, the Psn wasn't good and the extreme games weren't out on it yet...such as Uncharted, killzone 2 etc. This was when the 360 was in it's prime aswell, all the good exclusives the 360 had...Mass effect, Gears, oblivion(for non pc gamers, it had a year on the Ps3 version too) , Forza 2, Halo 3 were already there, these are the 360's top series anyway.

Ps3's came out a little later. These are the reasons I didn't get a Ps3 till about 09 aswell, i'm glad I waited , I saved 200 by buying a 80GB(with 65nm for quiet use) and re bought a Ps2. It also had Mgs4, Uncharted, killzone 2, Resistance 2, valkyria chronicles and a few more.

Also man, Warhawk ain't hard, it's alot like Battlefront except it doesn't have jedi, has bigger maps and better flying mechanics.

Nitrowolf23023d ago

So true.
I hope they do a headset bundle thing again at same price. That was such a great idea and i think More Sony games with online Multplayer need to do this to encourage mic use more. These type of games need mic and the devs of warhawk knew that.

I love the idea of mixing RTS with this game. idk never heard of a game like this do it and still be fast paced. Def. gonna add so much to the online.

Active Reload3023d ago

Although Starhawk looks undeniably sweet, the quirkiness of Warhawk will be missed.

LOGICWINS3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Yeah, I owned Warhawk for 2 years and loved it. I eventually sold it cause LightBox kept dividing the community with CONSTANT paid DLC updates and newbs eventually overran the game.

@Karooo- Yeah, the learning curve was super step. I got it the first week and I got owned hard the first few the point that I was regretting my purchase. But after a little practice, I ended up frequently being the top player in my team and being the guy who captures all if not most of the flags. If ur dedicated, u can gt alot out of the game.

PirateThom3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

3 DLC packs isn't really constant DLC... especially when the first was in December 2007, the second in April 2008 and the last in August 2008.

LOGICWINS3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Mmm..maybe I'm being a tad dramatic, but I think they could have been spaced out more. After I gt the first one, I was pissed that there was another one so soon.

Blaine3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )


I was the opposite. I dominated right away when Warhawk was released, because of skills and instincts I'd brought over from other games. But as soon as people started to get really good with the warhawks, then I got my ass handed to me. That's when I stopped playing and never really looked back. I just couldn't get the hang of the warhawks no matter how much I tried. Shooting people in the face I can master like no other, but dogfights aren't my thing! So the lack of a tutorial back then is what sealed the deal on this game for me.

LOGICWINS3023d ago

^^Yeah, even though there were times where I dominated on the ground, I never truly got the hang of flying a Warhawk. This is ANOTHER reason that Sony should give PSN users Warhawk for free. It would make for a great tutorial for the full game.

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xAlmostPro3023d ago

Revolutionary not just for the PS3 but for gaming/multi-player shooters in general.

The build & battle is a fantastic idea, it's kind of crazy how it hasn't been thought of until now :D

it's like an RTS game within a multi-player shooting game, genius really.

Add on top of that transformable vehicles too :D

Blaine3023d ago

"Revolutionary not just for the PS3 but for gaming/multi-player shooters in general."

That's what I was thinking. Games journalists these days are too insecure to ever give console games the credit they're due, when they are. Hey, it IS possible for a console game to innovate from time to time. Just because the PC elitists act like all the consoles do is dumb-down franchises doesn't make it so.

Karooo3023d ago

I used to get owned in Warhawk maybe because I bought the game later and everyone was really awesome then. it was a great game but had a huge learning curve.

With SP in starhawk, all i can say is woohoo

duplissi3023d ago

it had a steep learning curve even when it came out... i was quite upset they dropped the single player portion, soo woo hoo for starhawk having one!

Dart893023d ago

Because it has transformable Planes where else have you seen something like that that alone makes me want to have this game so bad.

BiggCMan3023d ago

Well they have that in the Transformer games actually, not sure if you ever played them or not.

ivant3023d ago

And they should have being that they are "Transformer" games.

Thepro3183023d ago

Lightbox interview some gamers out in southern california .The gamers told them they wanted see planes transform to a mech. When ever PSN come on thank castlekingside cause he told lightbox idea.

ivant3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Transforming Warhawks is a stupid idea.

The Warhawks were already too powerful.

They needed automated turrents, Heat seeking or radar guided missiles(requiring chaffs/flares in Warhawks), and Stinger & machine gun equipped tanks, minigun equipped jeeps with depleted uranium, etc, more realistic physics especially when flying(highG/blackouts & collisions) .... to ensure a balance between the vehicle classes.

These would have made combat far m ore exciting and tactical than over-powered corny transforming Warhawks.

Warhawk 1 will be missed. Simple fun.

Lf_sIcKmAn3023d ago

To be really honest, in the MACROSS (Robotech) Games... but i dont care if they do copy that a bit, its how they incorporate it in the actual gameplay that matters... Day one buy for me!

galgor3023d ago

It's funny, people complained when Warhawk didn't have a campaign. Now Starhawk does & people seem almost ready to enjoy games without a campaign!

Either way, it's gonna be awesome.

Bellcross3023d ago

I bought Warhawk on sale 2 years ago but didn't really got around to playing it, I had so many other great games at the time it got lost in the "still need to play" list. but Starhawk is looking simply brilliant.

MasterCornholio3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Awww isnt the Droid so cute. I could just eat him up. WHos a good droid? Thats right you are you adorable little thing.

Srry couldnt help it your avatar is cute as hell

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