Microsoft Kinect May Drop Avatars, Introduce Surrogates

Microsoft recently applied for a body scan patent that largely describes Kinect sensor technology, but also touches the potential next generation of Kinect and a step beyond Kinect avatars: Surrogates.

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Hazmat133021d ago

this should have been used for something else besides gaming. lol

Neko_Mega3021d ago

Alot of people told me this is going to a big step in the world, that they are going to use it to find people that the FBI has been hurting down.

Yeah I don't think this outdated tech would pass, are goverment has super computers for crying out loud.

Zydake3021d ago

Feel bad for the people who bought stuff for their avatars, like me -sobs-

mrmonkeyhumper3021d ago

Don't throw away those digital boots away. I would be surprised if our collections didn't migrate.

Justin_bristoe3021d ago

trying so hard to match ps home without totally copying them room flopped. when psn comes back homes gonna flood like new orleans.cant wait.

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