Trenched - Hands-On Preview (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich got his hands on Double Fine's upcoming release at PAX East:

"Alternate history war games, amirite?

"They’ve been lurking in the corners of our game retailers and video stores pretty much since the early days of interactive entertainment. Some involve legitimately possible branches in the timeline, such as different countries winning different wars. Others take a more fantastical approach and involve fighting off demon Nazis and the like. Then sometimes they go all sci-fi on you and throw waves of technologically advanced aliens your way. A good many of them aren’t all that great. Thankfully, we now have Trenched to look forward to, and Double Fine’s take on alternate history may very well be one the best in the bunch."

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RobsteinOne3019d ago

This can't come out soon enough. Come on, Double Fine!

Ndigity3019d ago

Gah, I still haven't played Stacking!

3019d ago