Capcom: DmC "Unmistakeably Devil May Cry"

Capcom's Seth Killian and Christian Svensson share their thoughts on how Ninja Theory's reboot is progressing.

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Convas3025d ago

Riiiiight, hence the reason for Emo Dante right? Because he's totally and completely UNMISTAKABLY Devil May Cry?

GTF Outta here with that.

Jack-H3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I am one of the peeps that isn't exactly thrilled with the new direction of "dante"'s look. But being a fan of DMC(sic) I am interested to see if they tweak the small number of problems I have with the series. PEACE!

Seijoru3025d ago

There were no problems. Only that it wasn't long enough.

Jack-H3025d ago

Not long enough would be a problem wouldn't it? :) The lock-on system was my main minor problem. I respect your opinion. It's a great series

Panaru3025d ago

Derp, "CAPCOM's Seth Killian and Christian Svensson".

Yeah. They'd definitely be good sources of unbiased accurate opinion.

ZombieAssassin3025d ago

My main gripe with this game is I know it's gonna be running at around 25FPS through a majority of the game because of the Unreal Engine (not to mention the whole changing the game to where only the name resembles the previous entries).

Reibooi3025d ago

It's running on Unreal? Really? That's just sad.... Considering DMC 4 was on a version of the MT Framework engine and still to this day looks damn good(not to mention that engine has been overhauled like twice since DMC 4 as far as I know)

The Unreal engine is perhaps the worst engine you can use for a action game like DMC. It's slow often times buggy and has horrible collision detection problems(even in Epics own games) so in a game that needs to be really fast and precise it's the worst choice possible.

limewax3025d ago

Yes it is Unreal Engine unfortunately, This is my main particular worry, The only way I can see UE running 60FPS is with much lower res textures and/or lots of unused assets. Maybe they found a way? But I doubt it, I have no faith in NT and I am possibly one of the biggest fans of their debut game

Tyre3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

How is that sad? DICE's Mirror's Edge runs on Unreal....NT's Enslaved runs on Unreal and they both look totally different and both run flawless. All of u are overbearing ur criticism, check ur self or u will get no more satisfactorily results when playing ANY game...and that's just sad if u r a gamer, better quit while ur ahead.

Reibooi3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Mirror's Edge was a great game but it didn't run flawless nor did it look flawless. I loved the use of color and all that in the world but there are still the typical god that looks terrible moments. For example the girl with the blond pony tail. Her hair doesn't even look like hair. It looks like a plastic party hat that's shaped to look like hair.

And Enslaved wasn't flawless either. It had screen tearing aplenty and just as many visual quirks as Mirrors Edge did. Now Heavenly Sword on the other hand had none of that and was polished to a T.

I'm not being overbearing on games but I will be when it comes to a series I loved and saw no reason for change(graphically DMC 4 looks better then the new DMC reboot and part of that is the engine and the other part is the art direction) Trust me I love plenty of games most people do nothing but trash but I have the right to be critical of a series I liked when it gets a reboot that many fans feel it didn't need in the first place.

andron3025d ago

Not to mention some screen tear maybe, if we are to look at Enslaved as to what NT can do with the UE.

On the other hand they now have made a game using the UE, so they might me much better at handling it this time around.

I certainly would have liked Enslaved better if the game had been better optimized and performed better. It was just a little disappointing after the much smoother gameplay in Heavenly Sword...

Raider693025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

So you have seen the game running to be able to do does claims..Unreal Tournament 3 uses the first version of UE 3 tech and runs at 60fps on consoles and it sure packs more action than DMC.

ZombieAssassin3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

No deadlybrand I obviously haven't played it but I think it's safe to assume from NT last UE games and how it performed we won't be seeing no 60fps console version unless major cutbacks are made. Mark Rein himself said that you could run the UE3 at 60fps but it would be at a major draw back graphically (he said it when someone asked why Gears isn't at 60fps).

Also UT3 isn't even the same type of game so it doesn't matter if it runs at 60fps or not (which i don't believe it does, it was only rumored to and then I believe Rein said it would be locked at 30fps), most UE games on consoles don't run higher than 30 besides stuff like MK and even NetherRealm Studios said it was hard to get UE up to 60fps without cutting back on the graphics and that's just a fighting game.

I personally don't think the Unreal Engine is bad I just think for some games you shouldn't use it especially when you have an engine already built that not only looks better but runs better and was used on the previous entries in the series (MT Framework).

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