Neocrisis: Hyperkin Passport HDMI Cable for Wii

Neocrisis: Hyperkin, a recognized and trusted brand of video game peripherals, has announced the launch of Passport: HDMI Cable for Wii. The Passport creates a direct link from the Wii video game system to a TV or PC monitor. The Passport provides a higher native resolution, is easy to use and requires no splitters or adapters.

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darthv723017d ago

I found this site as well:

Sort of reminds me of when the 360 got an HDMI adapter from madcatz. That one worked but made things very bright with white.

Nintendo should just unlock the additional resolution inside the ATI gpu. It is capable of at least 720p.

N4SIR3017d ago

unlock the additional resolution in the ati gpu.... yes.... that makes a lot of sense!

they should so totally do that! it would be awesome!

thats probably what they are doing for the wii 2....

but instead of 720p they are unlocking 1080p!

and in the dvd drive i think they will unlock blu ray! i mean.. its just lasers and shit right? it should be able to read a blu ray if they just unlock something in it????


im pretty sure thats what an xbox 360 is... microsoft unlocked the HD in the original Xbox and than repackaged it..

stragomccloud3017d ago

I wonder if it suffers the same delay issues as some of the other converters..... if it doesn't.... this is a must buy!

christheredhead3017d ago

i think im gonna buy it just to give it a try. wii games look great on my tv with component cables so if it doesnt work no big deal. i at least want to try it out for myself on my tv to get a first hand look.

ZeroYui3017d ago

I'm interested!I hope it works well ^>^